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Where To Find Glaze Lily Treasures In Genshin Impact Using Illumiscreen?

Find the Glaze Lily Treasures using Illumiscreen in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact you will be introduced to the Illumiscreen by one of the Lantern Rite Tales. The Illumiscreen is a map on a wall that is accompanied by three lamps. These three lamps when spun in the proper combination display an object on the map. This object when in the proper combination helps point out locations on the map. The pinpointed locations may help players find some rare items or to help them complete quests. Follow this guide to complete the quest of finding the Glaze Lily Treasures using the Illumiscreen in Genshin Impact.

How to Find Glaze Lily Treasures In Genshin Impact?


Glaze lily location on Illumiscreen in Genshin Impact
Find location of Glaze Lily on Illumiscreen in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact you will see that Brother Qian has given you a quest to complete. This quest requires you to use the Illumiscreen. Once you reach Brother Qian you will be tasked with finding Glaze Lilies. Turn the lanterns in front of the Illumiscreen until an image of a lily appears on the screen. Now you will see three locations highlighted on the Illumiscreen by the outline of the image of the Lily.

Now comes the hard part as you have to find the actual locations. Jump onto the nearest teleporter and reach the highlighted locations. You will have to roam around a bit until you can actually find the Glaze Lily.


Lily location in Genshin Impact
Where are the Glaze Lillies located in Genshin Impact
  • Another location can be found down in a deep hole filled with spiders and slimes. Kill all the enemies, then you can climb on top of the stone structure to grab the chest.
  • One location is near a waterfall, on a rock all the way in the back. There are lots of Cryo Slimes around, so kill them and then grab the chest.
  • The third location is on an island in Dihua Marsh. Just swim out to the island, take out the Treasure Hoarders, and you are good to return to Liyue Harbor and finish up the quest.

This is all you need to know about how to find the Glaze Lily in Genshin Impact. Since you’re here you can even look at Brown Creature Locations and how to get Red Creature Photo.