Best Genshin Impact Traveler’s Build Guide

Here's the best build for the Traveler character in Genshin Impact.

The free-to-play Genshin Impact is filled with several low and high-level enemies. Hence, it is important to build strong characters to overcome any level of foes in Genshin Impact. Today we will be discussing developing the best build for one of the character Travelers. The Traveler is a character that plays as the protagonist of the game. Here’s the best Genshin Impact Traveller’s build guide.

Genshin Impact: What is the Best Build for Traveller?

The game provides you with two character options to choose from at the start. You can either choose the Traveler or his sibling. Whichever character you choose will lose the other sibling due to the dark force. If you choose Traveler, this guide will be like a gem for you to build the best of character in Genshin Impact. The elemental power of the Traveler is Anemo (Wind). Here’s the best build:

Support Build for Anemo Characters

Similar to all Anemo element characters, Traveller build will help power up his Anemo and Swirl damage.

Best Artifacts Build

Viridescent Venerer: This artifact should be your first choice as it increases Anemo damage by 15%. It also increases Swirld damage by 60% and decreases enemies’ elemental resistance by 40% for 10 seconds.

Some other options to consider for artifacts build are Instructor and Gladiator’s Finale.

Anemo Skills

Foreign Ironwind: Performs up to 5 rapid strikes.

Palm Vortex: Causes a vortex of vacuum and gives continuous Anemo damage to enemies.

Gust Surge: Creates a tornado that pulls objects and enemies towards itself and causes continuous Anemo damage.

Slitting Wind: The last hit of a normal attack creates a wind blade that deals 60% Anemo damage to everything in its path.

Second Wind: Kills caused due to Palm Vortex regenerates 2% HP for 5 seconds.

Best Weapon Build

Iron Sting: Using elemental attacks for damage increases all damage by 8-16% for 6 seconds.

That’s the best build for Traveller in Genshin Impact. Only a single character build will not help you progress seamlessly in the game. You would have to unlock new characters in the game. For doing that you might need to farm primogems in Genshin Impact. If you are a fan of the game, you would probably know that miHoYo has introduced the very first co-op event in Genshin Impact. Read our guide on the Elemental Crucible event to know how to participate in and complete the event.

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