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Genshin Impact Sprinting Guide: Who’s the fastest Character in Genshin Impact?

Here's an ultimate guide on how to sprint and run faster in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact  — which released on September 28, 2020 — has become quite famous among the gaming community across the world. Since Genshin Impact has a massive map to explore, there are tons of players who have been having trouble finding the fastest character in the game.


There is no denying of the fact that Sprinting will help you travel from one place to another instantly but it can only be done when you increase your Stamina Gauge. You must be wondering is there any way to reach your destination faster than Spriting.

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There is a Genshin Impact fan on Reddit, who has tested a few methods on how to run fast in Genshin Impact. He tried four different ways by using the same character and uploaded a video on Reddit showcasing which approach is the best sprint method.

Here are four different sprint methods in Genshin Impact:

  • B-Hop – In this method, you will have to use a dash to start sprinting but then you jump continually. Just keep on jumping. It’s more akin to prancing than anything else, but it’s the fastest way!
  • Dash Jump – In this method, you need to use dash twice. So begin sprinting – stop- begin sprinting again, then jump. Then rinse and repeat.
  • Dash – Similar to the above methods but don’t jump in this method. Cause the sprint dash to happen, then stop, cause the sprint to happen. Then rinse and repeat.
  • Sprint – The Sprint, this one is just holding down the sprint key and allowing the mechanic to do its thing. This is the slowest method.

Post the initial comparison, the Reddit user named Yoshikazuu kept trying the B-Hop method, which is the fastest sprint method, in a race with four different characters namely, Venti, Kaeye, Lisa, and the male Traveler (the Main Character).


  1. Traveler
  2. Venti
  3. Kaeya
  4. Lisa

In the comment section, Yoshikazuu did mention that the test was not fair as the Traveler had an Anemo buff on him, increasing the speed of the movement. He did try again and this time he used different parameters, defending the B-Hop controversy. In this race:

  • Traveler – No Buff – B-Hop
  • Mona – Unique Sprint
  • Kaeya – Dash 2 Step
  • Traveler – Anemo Buff – B-Hop

Who came first?

  1. Traveler – Anemo Buff – 11:55 Seconds
  2. Traveler – No Buff – 13:02 Seconds
  3. Kaeya – Dash 2 Step – 13:04 Seconds
  4. Mona – Unique Sprint – 13:34


If anything to go by the end result, the B-Hop can only increase the travelling distance by a fraction and having to continuously spam space bar in time to do it, doesn’t seem to be the best method at all.

How to Sprint and Run Faster in Genshin Impact

Sprinting and running faster in Genshin Impact is quite simple. In order to do so, you merely need to is to hold down the R1 button. If you do so, your character will start running faster at the expense of your Stamina. Your character will continue to run until you release the R1 button or you have used your Stamina.

If you have used your entire Stamina, you would not be able to sprint again untill your Stamina regenerates.

Mona Unique Sprint

Mona is a character in Genshin Impact, which can never be defeated on the Water. Yes, you read that right. Mona’s unique Sprint let her Sprint on the top of the water without draining Stamina and taking much time.

However, if you managed to stop Mona’s Sprint animation while skimming on top of the water, she will then proceed to swim.

This is all there is to know about who is the faster character in Genshin Impact. While you’re here make sure to check out the best characters and weapons in Genshin Impact right here on Gamer Tweak.