Genshin Impact Tier List Of Characters – Ranked From Worst To Best

Genshin Impact Tier List where we've ranked the Best Characters and the Worst.

In this Genshin Impact Tier List we have ranked all characters from best to worst. Based on this, you can decide to form a party with the top characters in the game.

Genshin Impact Best Characters Tier List

There are a lot of characters in the game and more get added with new updates. Each of them has its own talents, elementals, advantages, and disadvantages. Your playstyle also comes into the picture and so does the overall party composition. Moreover, the weapons and artifacts also matter. So, along with our ranking, you can also take all of this into consideration. With that, let’s get into the Genshin Impact Tier List.

Genshin Impact D Tier Characters


Not the best character that you should opt for and her abilities have massive cooldowns. She can be a bother at times and can destabilize the balance of your team.

Genshin Impact C Tier Characters


Beidou can be a headache to build around, her abilities do not make her a stand-out character and neither is she strong with high base damage. There is potential but you will have to invest a lot of time and energy to get her to her best.


If you’re just starting out, he can be a great DPS character, but as soon as you find someone better, it will be best if you can simply replace him with another because his elemental abilities aren’t that great and will just stop you from getting better characters.


If you have Ningguang in your party, make sure that you use her as the main damage dealer in your party. Her skills and abilities will help you put her in front of others as her shield can take a good amount of damage.


Noelle is a duality expert and that means that you can not only use her for her attacks but you can use her as a healer as well. This offensive and defensive abilities make Noelle one of the best party members to have.


The best technique is to use Lisa as a secondary offensive character. She works great as a support character and can help the team balance out their abilities and skills.


Sucrose can use her abilities to launch enemies into the air and absorb Pyro, Electro, Hydro, and Cryo elements using her bursts. She kind of feels like an upgrade over Lisa but not as good as Venti.

genshin impact best characters ranked

Genshin Impact B Tier Characters


Use Xingqui as a support character, is average at best. He’s not the best hydro character that you can have on your team but at the same time, his passive abilities will help you heal your teammates and this can be a boon to have.


Traveler comes in both Geo and Anemo and both of these characters are support types that are great to have in the party. Use Traveler’s elemental changing abilities but do not rely much on the sword attacks.


Klee is best suited for an offensive strategy, as she can bomb the entire battlefield. Having great base attacks and abilities to be in awe of, but makes sure to keep your enemies at a medium distance as it can be quite troublesome otherwise.


Razor can be a great DPS character to have on your party. One of the best melee attack characters but lacks when it comes to elemental damage. It does not feel like a worthy sacrifice to make but if you do not have any other choice, picking this character will be the best thing that you can do.


Another offensive character that you should not miss out on. Your party’s strength is only determined by your most offensive and primary attacker. Having good AoE damage will not only help with freezing enemies but also


Having Bennett can give you two different options as you can use him as a support character, but his main abilities lie in her offensive abilities. Certainly not the best at DPS but the elemental bursts and having a good team can add to his powers.

Genshin Impact A Tier Characters


Xianling has the fire elemental and her skills and abilities offer up the same fiery touch to them. She’s a chef from the Liyue region and great at offense with her polearm and Pyro abilities. You cannot go wrong with having her on your party.


Mona is a great support character that also works when paired with someone who’s great at offense. All you have to do is find the best pair for her and she’ll make your life so much easier with elemental bursts that can immobilize enemies.


“Conqueror of Demons” and “Vigilant Yaksha” are the titles associated with Xiao that reflect her personality. Xiao is a great offensive character that you should pair up with Mona in your party.


Keqing is a great DPS character that can win you fights all on her own, but it is still recommended that you keep a good support character along with her. She can teleport to any part of the battlefield which gives her a very unpredictable role and opens up different avenues for you.


Jean the righteous and rigorous Dandelion Knight is a healer and the master of the Knights of Favonius in Mondstadt, a true leader in every battle you can entrust her with your life, and she will always keep you safe in battle with her crowd control abilities and being as an efficient healer.


The healer all of Mondstadt adores and is in love with. She can heal individuals on the battlefield or the entire party if the need be so, this makes her a powerful ally to have on your party and someone that you cannot leave behind.

Genshin Impact S Tier Characters


Venti is the best support character that you can find in Genshin Impact. He can either dispel enemies into the air or get an aerial advantage for himself and just bombard with blow after blow. Her certainly is the best sidekick you can wish to have in the game.


The Prinzessia der Verurteilung as she likes to call herself while traveling with a raven is the second-best support character in Genshin Impact. This electro damage dealer is great but you will need to ensure that the constellation and talent upgrades to get the most out of her.


Qiqi is as good with her sword as she is with her healing abilities. If the fact that she carries around a Cryo sword does not impress you, her incredible high attack stats certainly will. You can not only cause a ton of damage but use her abilities to heal as well, a truly balanced character that gives you versatility when it comes to offense and defense.


The best offensive character in Genshin Impact, unmatched in every possible way Diluc is the tycoon of a winery empire in Mondstadt. The best DPS character that you can play with is Diluc, using her will enable you to get high critical rates and on top of that, she has the highest base attack power. One of the best things about playing as Diluc is the fact that the elemental cooldown is only 12 seconds and costs 40 Energy, giving players the ability to spam them to take out their enemies.


If you’re looking for someone who can cause a lot of physical damage by stacking Grimheart, Eula is the one for you. Her abilities help her cause massive AoE damage and she’s faster than most of the characters that you get to play with in Genshin Impact. Using her as a damage dealer will offer you a lot of assistance and enable you to take down enemies much faster than with others.

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