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Genshin Impact Osial Guide: All You Need to Know About the Sea Monster

An article on Osial in Genshin Impact describing its history and role in the game

All our Genshin Impact simps gather around. It’s storytime. There has been a lot of speculation around Osial and we are here to tell you all about it. In this article, we cover all there is to know about Osial in Genshin Impact. Starting with a little historic background, Osial, a sea monster is an ancient God. Of course, every monster needs someone to defeat it to make a killer story – Enter Rex Lapis. He defeated our man Osial here about two thousand years ago by using his stone spears to pin him to the ocean bed.

The Role of Osial in Genshin Impact


osial genshin impact

After spending about two thousand years on the ocean floor, he was unleashed by Childe. Childe’s plan was simple- play the Osial card, lure Geo Archon, steal his Gnosis, threaten the entire Liyue Harbor and at least two of them go home happy. However, during the fight, peeps realized that the strength of our ancient God had not budged. Osial easily broke the Guizhong Ballistas weapon used against him during this fight by the Adepti. But finally, Osial was defeated again when Ningguang decided to drop an entire floating Jade Chamber on it. Ouch.

In the gameplay, your character is basically defending the Guizhong Ballistas that are used against Osial. It is not our main boss but he has a bunch of Hydro attacks that are killer, literally. He has an AoE attack of Hydro Energy which deals with a lot of damage so beware. He will also rain Hydro energy on the player. If you fail to defend the Guizhong Ballistas and even one of them is destroyed, well oops. Challange failed.


So to sum it up, our man of the story here was defeated, made a banger comeback but had to do down the depths of the seas again. So that is all for our storytime and this guide on Osial in Genshin Impact. If you would like to know how to defeat Abyss Herald, read this guide that we wrote on How To Defeat The Abyss Herald In Genshin Impact.