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How To Defeat The Abyss Herald In Genshin Impact

Find out how you can beat the Abyss Herald in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact version 1.4 sees the inclusion of the Abyss Herald, an enemy who you will have to defeat, who is a part of the new ‘We Will Be Reunited’ story quest. This is a difficult fight in Genshin Impact. You will come across the Abyss Herald on three separate occasions as part of this quest. With each new fight, the Abyss Herald will get tougher to beat. However, there are some simple tricks you can follow to beat him. Read more in this guide to find out how to beat the Abyss Herald in Genshin Impact.

Where to find the Abyss Herald in Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact How to beat Abyss Herald
The Abyss Herald is seen in three different locations.

The Abyss Herald fight takes place three times. Each fight will occur in a different location in the game. These three locations are:

  • End of Call of the Abyss Domain
  • Wolvendom in Boreas Arena
  • Second Entry of Call of the Abyss Domain


How to beat Abyss Herald in Genshin Impact

To beat the Abyss herald you first need to be aware of his special moves. He has six special moves in total with each being unique.

3- Sweep Combo Abyss Herald will make three hydro-blade slashes.
Annihilation The Abyss Herald will send out a cross-shaped hydro attack.
Decimate Abyss Herald will send a Hydro blade in your direction
Hydro-Shield Will create a hydro shield that will absorb your attacks.
Abyssal Roar Abyssal Herald will dash towards you and perform four spinning attacks.
The End is Nigh Abyssal Herald will summon hydro blades and release them in eight directions. He will also perform close-ranged slashes to your character.


As mentioned before this fight takes place in three stages. To beat the Abyssal Herald in each fight you need to follow these steps:

  • During the First Fight, you will only have to injure the Abyssal Herald by only 75% and the fight will end after that.
  • In the Second Fight, the Abyssal Herald will summon some creatures to fight with him and use his Hydro-Shield. All you have to do is completely demolish his shield and the fight will be over.
  • For the Third Fight, you will have to fight off the creatures and completely demolish the Abyssal Herald to defeat him.

This is everything you need to know about how to defeat Abyssal Herald in Gnehsin Impact. While you are here have a look at how to complete the Marvelous Merchandise event. You can also check out how to capture Oceanid Creatures.