Genshin Impact Login Error: How To Fix Account Sign-In Issue?

Find out how to fix the Genshin Impact Login issue.

Genshin Impact users have been coming across a Login Error. As you might have guessed from the name itself, the game doesn’t allow you to sign in. This can be pretty annoying if you’re trying to unwind by playing the game or just grinding for a higher level. However, there are a few simple methods by which you will be able to get past this issue. Scroll down and find out how.

How to fix login error in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Login Error: How To Fix Account Sign-In Issue?

  • To fix the login error you will have to actually send an email to MiHoYo Customer Service.
  • You can do this by sending them an email at [email protected].
  • Now, you will be asked for certain details to verify it is you. So, keep the following stuff ready:
    • Your own player UID.
    • The correct email address and/or the phone number with which the account has been registered.
    • If you have carried out any changes to your registered email address or phone number.
    • The last time that you logged in using your account.
    • Registration date of the account that you were using until recently.
    • Which devices you have used that have access to the same registered account.
    • Also, mention any in-game transactions that you might have carried out. Make sure to include dates, amounts, and other details as well.

The other easy way to fix the Genshin Impact Login Error is to simply make a second account. However, this will mean that you lose all your progress in the game. However, before taking such drastic measures it is also helpful and handy to carry out small checks. These include network checks, restarting the application, and other common stuff.

This is everything that you will need to know about how to fix the Login Error in Genshin Impact. While you are here you can also have a look at How To Complete Solitary Sea-Beast World Quest In Genshin Impact.

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