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Genshin Impact Liyue Specialties Guide: How To Collect The Local Liyue Specialties?

Here are all the ingredients that classified as "Liyue Local Specialty":

There is a huge continent in Genshin Impact called, Teyvat, which is divided into two main areas — Mondstadt and Liyue. Each area has a staggering number of materials that are regarded as ‘Local Specialities’, which players need to complete quests in Genshin Impact.

As you progress through the gameplay, you will get a lot of exciting missions in Genshin Impact. Once you have reached Adventure Rank 20, you will come across a challenge, assigning you to collect Liyue Local Specialities. Upon completing these missions, you will get Battle Pass EXP and many exciting rewards.


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If you are finding it hard to collect Liyue Local Specialities in Genshin Impact then we have a guide covering the same in the simplest way possible.


Liyue Local Specialities in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Liyue Local Specialty Guide

Currently, there are eight distinct materials that are considered as “Local Specialties” in Genshin Impact. Out of eight, four of the ingredients are plant life, so players need to search a bit more extensively to find them all.


Here are all the ingredients classified as “Liyue Local Specialty”:

Jueyun Chili

Fortunately, getting Jueyun Chili is quite easy in Genshin Impact. These can be found in the Qinqce village and the Jueyun Karst mountains.



You can easily find Violetgrass in the Liyue region, located around the mountains. Notably, you need to spend a little time there to find this and other items mentioned on the list.

Silk Flower

Silk Flower can be found at Wangshu Inn and the Liyue Harbor. You can easily discover them around the vibrant red bushes.

Cor Lapis

Cor Lapis are spread throughout the region of Mt Hulao region. However, you can easily get them by heading over to the Jueyun Karst area.

Glaze Lily

This Liyue Local Specialty can easily be discovered in huge quantities across the Qingce Village and Liyue Harbor.

Noctilucous Jade

You can easily get your hands on Noctilucous Jade in the wild region of Liyue and the Mingyun Village.


Starconch is another item that you can find it easily. To find this speciality, you will have to head towards the beaches in the Yaoguang Shoal.


You can easily obtain Qingxin from the mountains located around the Qingce Village and the Jueyun Karst.

Unlike Mondstadt’s Chloris, Liyue does not have any wandering merchant, who sells Philanemo Mushrooms.

That’s basically all you need to know about how to collect Liyue Local Specialities in Genshin Impact. While you are here, you would love to read about how to get Anemoculus and Geoculus Resonance Stones In Genshin Impact.