Genshin Impact: How To Increase World Level

Increase World Level and unlock several items and domains in Genshin Impact.

You will have to increase your World Level in Genshin Impact to progress quickly in the game. Higher World Level unlocks difficult enemies and rarer rewards. Hence, it is important to learn how to quickly raise World Level in Genshin Impact.

How to Raise World Level in Genshin Impact

You can increase your World Level in Genshin Impact by raising Adventure Rank and completing Ascension Quests.

Genshin impact increase world rank guide

Raise World Level by Increasing Adventure Rank

All World Levels require rewards obtained by raising to certain Adventure Ranks. Hence, the best thing to do here is to keep progressing in the main story and collect some EXP points to quickly increase the Adventure Rank. Once you have raised the Adventure Rank, you can head to the Guild and talk to the receptionist to get the rewards.

Raise World Level by Completing Ascension Quests

Some World Level requires you to complete certain Ascension Quests along with increasing Adventure Ranks. When you complete these quests along with increasing the ranks, the World Level will raise to the next.

Here’s the list of the requirements for increasing the World Level in Genshin Impact.

Required Adventure Rank Ascension Quest Requirement
World Level 1 20 x
World Level 2 25 ✔︎
World Level 3 30

World Level 4 35 ✔︎
World Level 5 40 x
World Level 6 45 ✔︎

Benefits of Increasing World Level – What Do I Get?

The hard work that you put in to increase World Level also comes with certain benefits such as rarer drops, increased Adventure Rank cap, and availability of higher level domains.

how to raise world level in genshin impact

Get Better and Rarer Drops

As your World Level increases, so does the levels of the enemies you come across. Some high level enemies drop valuable items and materials in the game. Hence, when you get access to higher level enemies and defeat them, you also increase your chances of getting more valuable drops.

Adventure Rank’s Max Cap Increases

There is a cap on max Adventure Rank for every World Level. As you progress and raise your World Level, the max cap also increases.

Accessibility to Higher Level Domains

With every World Level you raise, there are certain high level domains that unlocks and become accessible. The higher the level of domains, the higher is the level of artifacts and materials that you receive as reward for completing them. For instance, you can unlock Cecilia Garden only at a higher Adventure Rank and World Level.

That’s everything we have got to tell you about how to increase World Level in Genshin Impact quickly and easily. Increasing World Level and Adventure Rank are not the only concerns in the game, you will also have to focus on ascending characters and weapons in Genshin Impact.