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Genshin Impact: How To Get Dye?

Let’s see how you can get dye in Genshin Impact

With the new 1.5 update of Genshin Impact players can now build and design houses in the game. This enables you to build your realm from scratch with various furnishings, dye, and other resources. To build a house you will need a furnishing blueprint. You can get blueprints from the Realm depot, Goth who is an NPC in the city of Monstadt. Once you have the blueprint you will need materials according to it. Let’s see how you can get dye in Genshin Impact.

How To Get Dye In Genshin Impact?


Players can forge dye themselves in Genshin Impact. There are 3 types of dye in the game: red, yellow, and blue. The recipes for all the dye’s are:

  • Red Dye: Sunsettia, Carrots, and Valberries forged together will yield the Red dye.
  • Blue Dye: This dye can be forged using mint. Players can also make it from Wolfhooks but Mint is easily available making it more preferable.
  • Yellow Dye: Berries or Cor Lapis both can be swapped for the yellow dye.

Genshin Impact dye guide
Once you have achieved adventure level 35 you will unlock the Serenitea pot area and Tubby. When you are talking to tubby select the “create furnishing tab”. After selecting it you will see a bottle icon at the top of your screen. Click on the potion button and you will see options to forge all kinds of dye. Select the dye you want to make and swap it with the necessary ingredients. Many furnishings will require dye so let’s see what can be built using the dyes.


  • Shopkeeper’s Cedar Shelf – 2 Yellow Dye
  • Square Pine Tea Table – 2 Yellow Dye
  • Tavern Rug: Home Away From Home – 2 Yellow Dye
  • Shopkeeper’s Cedar Shelf – 2 Blue Dye
  • Entrance Rug: A Warm Welcome – 2 Yellow Dye
  • Pine Folding Screen – 3 Red Dye
  • Calligraphy Set: Assiduous Calligraphy – 4 Blue Dye
  • Profitable Fruit Stand – 4 Blue Dye
  • Entrance Rug: A Warm Welcome – 2 Red Dye
  • Square Pine Tea Table – 2 Red Dye
  • Tavern Rug: Home Away From Home – 2 Blue Dye
  • Red Cedar Curio Stand – 6 Red Dye
  • Flower Arrangement: Sprawling Daybreak – 4 Red Dye
  • Pine-Backed Tea Chair – 4 Red Dye
  • Tianyuan Lantern: Fragrant Brilliance – 4 Red Dye
  • Red Cedar Scroll Shelf – 6 Red Dye

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