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Genshin Impact: How to Get Diona for Free?

Here’s how you can save some money and unlock Diona for free in Genshin Impact.

One unique thing about Genshin Impact is the wide variety of playable Characters you can unlock with each having a unique element-based powers and attacks.  While some characters can be quickly unlocked by in-game currency or money, they are not currency exclusive and can also be unlocked by going through the game. Let’s see how you can unlock Diona for free in Genshin impact.

How to Unlock Diona in Genshin Impact for Free?


Unlock Diona in Genshin Impact

A quick way to unlock Diona for free is by participating in the Energy Amplifier Initiation Event which was released in the 1.5 patch. Players need to do the tasks as per the event. Most of them will be defeating a monster so be prepared for battle. Destroying the monsters will enable you to recharge the Meteorite. Once the Meteorite is recharged to its limit, you will receive some rewards including the cubes. You will need 1000 cubes to unlock Diona. Let’s wait for more info when the event is live.

Unlocking Diona is a big deal considering the team-up feature of the game. In Genshin Impact players can form a group of 4 characters while fighting a monster. You can switch in between battle to use different attacks. This feature makes the game more interesting and turns out to be very useful for players in the latter half of the game. Diona becomes very desirable because of her Shielding and healing skills and how easily they can be upgraded when compared to Noelle’s. Players should keep in mind that, to make most of the character they need to keep upgrading her.


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