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How To Complete Vortex’s Wake In Genshin Impact

Complete one of the first tasks of Zhongli's story quest.

The Vortex’s Wake is a part of Act I: Zhongli’s Story Quest: Sai Flore in Genshin Impact. It is the second part of the Historia Antiqua. This part of the quest begins when you head to the yellow marker on the Guyun Stone Forest. Once you reach there, a short cutscene will begin and as it ends, you will have to complete the Vortex’s Wake. Just so that you don’t get jumbled up in this task, here’s how to complete the Vortex’s Wake in Genshin Impact.

vortex's wake in genshin impact


Genshin Impact: How to Complete Vortex’s Wake

You need to collect three relics across the islands to complete Vortex’s Wake in Genshin Impact. The locations of all the relics for completing Vortex’s Wake will be marked with a yellow circle on the map. Alternatively, you can also use elemental sight to get the directions to reach all the relics. Here’s what you will find when you reach all the locations, and how you can get the relics.

  • Relic 1 Location


Follow the yellow marker or use elemental insight to get to the location of the first relic. It is inside a chest, and a few Hilichurls will be protecting the chest. Takedown all the enemies and open the chest to retrieve the first relic.

relic 1 location

  • Relic 2 Location


The second relic is on the southern part of the same island. You know the process to find the relic (yellow marker/elemental sight). The relic will be found inside a floating crate in the ocean. Swim right up to the crate and loot it to get some rewards along with the second relic.

relic 2 location

  • Relic 3 Location


The last relic is on the next island located on the southwest of the first island where you retrieved the first two chests. Once you enter the yellow marker area, a few mimics will spawn. Takedown the enemies and collect a Mysterious Stone Tablet.

relic 3 location

Take all the three relics to the west and you will find Kliment and Wanyan waiting there for you. As soon as you meet with the group, it will end Vortex’s Wake in Genshin Impact.

complete vortex's wake in genshin impact

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete Vortex’s Wake in Genshin Impact. Before you get to this part of the Zhongli’s Story quest, you will have to first get to Pearl Galley which is a luxurious ship in the mid-water, and getting there is quite confusing. While here, ensure reading about Energy Recharge and what the stat means in the game. Also, consider reading how to farm artifacts in Genshin Impact.