Genshin Impact: How to Get to Pearl Galley (Pinghai Location)

Make your way to the Pearl Galley.

Pearl Galley is a ship in Genshin Impact near the Liyue Harbor region. It is a part of the questline associated with Zhongli and Xinyan. You need to onboard the Pearl Galley to complete the part of the quest. There are three rewards that you can collect from the ship: a common chest, a luxurious chest, and a Geoculus. However, the ship is located past the coasts of Liyue Harbor, and getting there can be challenging for the first time, and also for the other times when you have to find Pinghai location to reach there in Genshin Impact. Hence, we are here to show you how to get to Pearl Galley in Genshin Impact.

How to Get to Pearl Galley in Genshin Impact

Pearl Galley location is offshore to the Liyue Harbor, which is visible from the southern docks of the region. There are two ways to get to Pearl Galley in Genshin Impact:

  • Climb to the top of the ship at the docks and glide to the Pearl Galley
  • Use Kaeya and her frost ability to freeze the water and walk to the Pearl Galley

You will find the wooden ship at the southern docks of Liyue Harbor. Climb all the way to the top point of the ship. Now, jump and glide your way to the Pearl Galley. If you aren’t able to glide all the way to the ship and fall inside the water, swim to the ship.

how to reach peral galley in genshin impact

While using Kaeya, all you need to do is use the frost ability. This will freeze the water, and let you walk on it. Continue to do this until you reach the luxurious ship that is home to entertainment, casino, and businesses that are not allowed within the boundaries of Liyue Harbor.

ocean pearl quest in genshin impact

Once at the Pearl Galley, you will have to climb up the ship with the help of the ornament decorations as it is not possible to climb using the sides of the ship. Only the ones who have an invitation letter are allowed inside the Pearl Galley. Hence, as soon as you onboard the ship, guards will come and take you to an NPC called Luoxia, a receptionist at the ship.

how to find luoxia in genshin impact

Luoxia will give you an opportunity to persuade a guest to invite you so that you can get inside the ship. However, none of them will be willing to give you an invitation except Qui’ge. Qui’ge, another NPC, who is a guest at the Peral Galley will ask you to get her three Qingxin Flowers. When you bring her three Qingxin Flowers, she will add you as a performer with her. This will let you reach inside Pearl Galley in Genshin Impact.

qiu'ge location in genshin impact

Once inside the ship, you can find the common chest at the bow of the ship. The luxurious chest is located on the second story of the ship, and the Geoculus is on the highest roof. Fetch all these rewards and head back to Luoxia.

When you return to Luoxia, she will reveal that all this was a test and her boss Rouran has sent you a personal invitation, letting you visit the ship as and when you want. To reach back to Peral Galley at any time, you need to find and speak to Pinghai.

Where is Pinghai Location in Genshin Impact

where is pinghai location in genshin impact

Pinghai is located on the easternmost point of the docks of the Liyue. Search the area just to the northeast of the Adventure’s Guild to find this Pinghai. He is the boatman at the docks and will be more than happy to take you back to Pearl Galley whenever asked for.

genshin impact pinghai location

That’s everything you need to know about how to Get to Pearl Galley in Genshin Impact, both for the first time and by finding Pinghai location to get there for the second time. While here, ensure reading how to farm artifacts, get Fragile Resin, and obtain Guide to Resistance in Genshin Impact.