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All Apex Legends Genesis Event Skins That You Can Get

Are you wondering about the Apex Legends Genesis Event Skins? Check it out right here

Skins in Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event have been revamped to bring new colors and personalities to the game. These brand new skins will give players a chance to earn them in the game or even purchase them directly, if you want to know how to get all the cosmetics during the event in the game, check this out.

All Apex Legends Genesis Event Skins

The Apex Legends Genesis Event Skins limited timed cosmetics part of Season 9. Most of the fan-favorite characters like Wattson, Gibraltar, Wattson & more get brand new skins that completely change their aesthetics and bring vibrancy to them. These skins will be available to earn via the battle pass or you can simply purchase them from the store.

Below you can find all the skins that are available in the Apex Legends Genesis Event:


Revenant gets brand new skin that helps to show his true nature. This all blacked out skin reeks of evil and combined with the brand new Heirloom item. It just looks perfect, if you’re planning to purchase just one cosmetic during this event. Make sure that you get this. This is one of the best Apex Legends genesis event skins that you can get.


Crypto’s brand new skills show him in a differnet light as he now sports holographic glasses and has taken off the tech, making him feel more human than ever before. While Crypto mains will be excited about the brand new skins, this one may not be the best but it sure looks nice.


Gibraltar’s new skins is in line with Bangalore’s as it gives him a new decked-out armor sort of a thing along with a helmet. The new skin aligns with his lore about wanting to help people and be there for his teammates. Gibraltar recently has been an OP character in the game and you should definitely check this skin out in Apex Legends Genesis Event.

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This might be Bangalore’s best skin that has been added to Apex Legends as it helps her to assert the combative training she’s had. This space soldier suit suits her character and we’re sure that we’ll see a lot of players use this cosmetic in the game.


Loba’s Petty Thief skin name might put you off, but she looks even more stealthy and scary in this. This master thief will hide in the dark and then pounce upon her enemies at the opportune moment. If you wish to get decked out in a stealth-based skin for her, you can’t go wrong with this.

There are more skins available for players to select from in the limited-timed Genesis event in Apex Legends, you can check out every other skin in the video below.

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