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Apex Legends Season 9 Characters From Worst To Best

Do you wish to know about Apex Legends Season 9 Characters Tier List? Check them out right here

Apex Legends tier list for season 9 will show you the must-pick characters and as well as those that you should not be depending on until they get buffed. This character tier list will just each character’s positive points and negative ones. Make sure to read until the end to know more.


Apex Legends Season 9 Character Tier List

We’ve ranked characters in tiers going from the weakest to strongest in Season 9 and with everything that has changed. Apex Legends feels like a brand new game once again, so let’s jump right in and check out all the characters right here.

Apex Legends Season 9 Character Tier List


D Tier

The characters in this list deserve to have their stats changed. These characters are heavily unbalanced for the worst and it has dropped their popularity making them undesirable to play as.



While Fuse is still a new character to Apex Legends, not a lot of players have taken an instant liking to him. The biggest problem is the fact that Fuse can be hurt by his own projectiles and this plays against him when you’re moving quickly.

Moreover on top of that, both his ultimate and tactical aren’t that great and not something you can completely rely on. That’s why you find Fuse on the D Tier, but with a few adjustments, he can easily rank much higher.


The pretty boy of Apex Legends finds himself in a place he does not want to be in, Mirage has the most potential of all the characters in Apex Legends, but the flaws with his tactical and ultimate powers are holding him back.


As a team player, Mirage is great. His passive ability allows players to revive their teammates and themselves while being invisible. This is probably the best passive ability in the game.

Relying on his tactical and ultimate abilities will only land you in trouble. If the devs can get his holograms to replicate user behavior perfectly or have a personality of their own, he can become unstoppable.

C Tier

This tier has characters that aren’t the best but you can have a fun time with them. While some of the characters are here because of being nerfed recently, others never really were so much popular, to begin with.


Rampart feels like she was hurried to the Apex Legends game, some of her abilities are great but they also end up standing in her own way. Her tactical and ultimate abilities are meant to be used together and if you do not do that, they feel incomplete.

While you can cause a lot of damage playing as Rampart, it is a tough learning curve and by the time you do that, you’ll definitely have found another character to play as.

Being rampart has a lot of restrictions and slowed down the interest of people wanting to play as her. Maybe with a few adjustments, she can rise up the ranks.


Once an S Tier legend, she just has been nerfed to a point where she just feels wrong to play as. Her quick heal skills along with so many others have been readjusted to the point where she’s just a support character now.

Lifeline needs to be brought back to her original glory and having more Lifeline mains will only help Apex Legends in the long run, time will tell what happens with her.


Loba came on to the scene with a lot of vagueness and mysticism, and even after a while hasn’t been able to build up the familiarity among players. While her tactical and ultimate are amazing as support, you can even catch others by surprise.

Loba just needs to have abilities that will help her win more games on her own, and while reducing the time of her tactical has helped her immensely. A few more things here and there and she will be one of the best characters.


Crypto may be the most restrictive legend in Apex Legends, as a recon character he is great but like anything else, there’s not much that you can do. If you’re active in the drone mode, you can have a hard time coming back and you might even get caught off guard.

The hacker’s potential does not come out in the game and maybe if we could find a way to use his abilities doing things that he loves, he could rise up the charts.


Just like Crypto, Revenant was another character that everyone wanted but with abilities that require highly skilled plays, the rest of the players are usually confused about what to do.

While his hacking is amazing, we just want to see what more is possible when more people take Revenant s character.

B Tier

This tier list has characters that are good but just not good enough, but an excellent squad of B tier characters in the right hands can easily overpower even the strongest characters.


The most toxic character in Apex Legends had a huge nerf that made him slip from S Tier all the way to B. This drastic drop was caused because the toxic gas just got too ineffective.

On top of this, with one of the largest hitboxes in the game, even your own teammates won’t be able to differentiate between your own gas and your enemies, and this causes a lot of confusion and trouble in the game.


Probably the only character that Caustic respects and won’t diss, Wattson is brilliant but her shock traps barely do more than give a mild shock.

Wattson needs to have better useability and maneuverability with her traps and allow players to know when traps get activated through walls and not just on an icon.

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Apart from running and jumping Octane isn’t going to give you much. While your mobility will be above par than most can dream of being, you will suffer without having enough defensive options.

While Octane isn’t that good, there is a lot of fun having to play as him. Just be prepared for non-stop action and a lot of voice lines.


Bangalore is great, but she’s very limited with her tactical and ultimate. It can end up hurting her as well as her teammates if everyone’s not sure about where they are.

There’s a lot of benefits to playing as Bangalore but along with that, you have to learn to play as her and that’s why she’s in the B Tier.

A Tier

Characters that are good, but just not excellent enough. Playing with these characters will ensure that you dominate but there’s always going to be someone just a little better than you.


Horizon redefines traps and movement with her abilities and is one of the most fun characters that you can play in the game. Horizon came on the Apex Legends scene recently and has won a lot of players over.

Her abilities not only let her get an aerial advantage and all but with her ultimate she can literally create a black hole and depending on your style, you can use it to your benefit offensively and defensively. We’ve loved playing as Horizon and cannot get enough.


Another S Tier character that has fallen down, the increased downtime for Pathfinder’s tactical ability is the reason a lot of players do not pick him but for movement’s sake, he’s still unbeatable.

Having a pathfinder on your team will ensure that you can get out of any sticky situation along with your team. One of the best characters to play with and the most fun when it comes to voice lines.

S Tier

The best of the best legends can be found in this tier. The Season 9 update changed the tier list and a few have lost their way while new characters have found a new home.


Wraith cemented her place as an S Tier character and even after a bit of nerfs she’s been able to be one of the best characters to play with thanks to her tiny hitbox. One of the toughest characters to aim at, Wraith can sneak in and out of battles unscathed.

There is a huge learning curve to playing good as Wraith but it is worth every minute, Wraith is the Apex champion and is just great.


What more would you want when you could scan the battlefield and even have them marked and highlighted for you, that’s exactly what Bloodhound gives you and there’s nothing to complain about.

Playing as Bloodhound will help you understand the game so much better and you will be able to stack up kills easily. Bloodhound has risen through the ranks and finds themself as a champion.


Gibby has the biggest hitbox in the game, but also has a shield on his hand that can save him. On top of that, can create a protective dome shield that won’t let bullets or projectiles come inside or go out.

In the right hands with a Gold bag and helmet, Gibraltar can be unbeatable and the meta of Season 9 has shown the same.

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This the Apex Legends Season 9 character Tier List. Check out the best and worst characters and whom to pick when you’re playing the game. While you’re here make sure to check out How To Quickly Fix Party Not Ready Bug In Solo Games In Apex Legends right here on Gamer Tweak.