Apex Legends Season 9 Locked Legends Error: Can It Be Fixed?

Can’t access all characters? Let’s see how you can fix the locked legends error in Apex legends.

The latest season 9 of Apex legends is here. While it brings more weapons, characters, and a 3v3 arena set-up, it also brings a lot of errors. Many players aren’t able to start the game as they keep getting server errors. The few who can log in can’t seem to access all legends as many of the legends are locked in Apex legends. Let’s see how you can fix the locked legends error in Apex legends.

Is There A Fix For The Locked Legends Error In Apex Legends Season 9?

Apex legends locked legends error
As of now, there isn’t any notable fix for this error. The update was much-awaited highlighting these errors even more. Errors like these differ from server to server, so players can always try changing their home country or the platform they are using the game on. With loads of people tweeting to Respawn entertainment the developers responded. Respawn entertainment has said that they have acknowledged the error and are fixing it. Errors like these aren’t new for veterans of apex legends, but this update takes it a bit far.

The season 9 update has brought new the legend Valkyrie as well along with the new 3v3 arena and various weapons. Bugs like these frustrate the fan base and test their patience. Players faced a similar error back in season 5 as well. That one was fixed within a few hours so you can expect this to be fixed very soon. Some players have started tweeting that they can now access all the legends so maybe the fix is not that far. In battle royal games like these, characters and weapons are really important for players as many are comfortable with a specific combination. Errors like these force them to go out of their comfort zone. In this case not allowing players to access the new character as well.

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