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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Tier List (All New Pokemon Ranked)

Here are all the Pokemon ranked from best to worst in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Here is our Tier List of all the new Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet. The series has introduced more than 100 Pokemon for their new games. And while you have plenty to choose from for your team, some are just way stronger than others. So check out this tier list of all the gen 9 Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet to find which of them are the best.


Best Pokemon Tier List For Scarlet & Violet – All New Pokemon Ranked

best gen 9 pokemon tier list for scarlet violet

Pokemon Tier
Koraidon S Tier
Miraidon S Tier
Palafin (Hero Form) S Tier
Baxcalibur S Tier
Iron Valiant S Tier
Roaring Moon S Tier
Wo-Chien S Tier
Chien-Pao S Tier
Ting-Lu S Tier
Chi-Yu S Tier
Great Tusk S Tier
Scream Tail S Tier
Brute Bonnet S Tier
Flutter Mane S Tier
Slither Wing S Tier
Sandy Shocks S Tier
Iron Treads S Tier
Iron Bundle S Tier
Iron Hands S Tier
Iron Jugulis S Tier
Iron Moth S Tier
Iron Thorns S Tier
Kingambit S Tier
Gholdengo S Tier
Annihilape A Tier
Skeledirge A Tier
Meowscarada A Tier
Quaquaval A Tier
Armarouge A Tier
Ceruledge A Tier
Cetitan A Tier
Dondozo A Tier
Farigiraf A Tier
Dudunsparce A Tier
Toedscruel A Tier
Arboliva A Tier
Glimmora A Tier
Cyclizar A Tier
Tinkaton A Tier
Mabosstiff A Tier
Flamigo A Tier
Revavroom A Tier
Garganacl B Tier
Kilowattrel B Tier
Bombirdier B Tier
Grafaiai B Tier
Pawmot B Tier
Tatsugiri B Tier
Orthworm B Tier
Houndstone B Tier
Dachsbun B Tier
Scovillain B Tier
Klawf B Tier
Brambleghast B Tier
Veluza B Tier
Rabsca B Tier
Crocalor B Tier
Quaxwell B Tier
Bellibolt B Tier
Floragato B Tier
Arctibax B Tier
Lokix B Tier
Espathra B Tier
Palafin (Zero Form) B Tier
Tinkatuff B Tier
Clodsire C Tier
Maushold C Tier
Wugtrio C Tier
Squawkabilly C Tier
Finizen C Tier
Cetoddle C Tier
Dolliv C Tier
Frigibax C Tier
Oinkologne C Tier
Dunsparce C Tier
Spidops C Tier
Pawmo C Tier
Toedscool C Tier
Maschiff C Tier
Glimmet C Tier
Capsakid C Tier
Gimmighoul C Tier
Naclstack C Tier
Tinkatink C Tier
Fidough D Tier
Fuecoco D Tier
Sprigatito D Tier
Quaxly D Tier
Flittle D Tier
Varoom D Tier
Tadbulb D Tier
Tandemaus D Tier
Bramblin D Tier
Rellor D Tier
Greavard D Tier
Wiglett D Tier
Wattrel D Tier
Charcadet D Tier
Shroodle F Tier
Nacli F Tier
Pawmi F Tier
Smoliv F Tier
Lechonk F Tier
Tarountula F Tier
Nymble F Tier

I have only considered the new Pokemon in the series for the above Tier List. There are also many other strong Pokemon like Salamence, Garchomp, Tyranitar, and more from the older games as well. But the goal here is to keep the list simple and help players looking for the gen 9 Pokemon.

That covers this Tier list of the best generation 9 Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet. If you enjoyed this list then be sure to also check out our Tier Lists for other games.