Gemimik Shrine Solution In Zelda TOTK & Chest Location

Milton Dsouza
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The Gemimik Shrine (Turbine Power) is a shrine that is quite simple to find. However, the shrine puzzle is quite complicated to solve. This is because you will be dealing with different elements like Fire, Wind, and Electricity at the same time. It might sound overwhelming but there’s actually an easy way to complete the shrine. Check out our Zelda TOTK Gemimik Shrine Puzzle guide for a solution.

How to Solve the Gemimik Shrine Puzzle In Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)


The Gemimik Shrine can be located on the east coast of Akkala in northeast Hyrule. The exact coordinates for this location are (4520, 2121, 0001). But once you enter the shrine, you will notice a large turbine at the center and a fan lying around on the floor nearby. To get the Gemimik Shrine solution in TOTK, keep reading for all the steps to complete it.

  1. Once you enter the Gemimik Shrine, use your Ultrahand ability to pick the fan on the floor.
  2. Place the fan onto the large turbine at the center of the room.
  3. To start the fan, interact with a metal slab across the room.
  4. Pick it up and place it between the turbine and a glowing yellow pillar that emits electricity.
  5. Once you do this, the fan will start spinning and create an upward gust of wind.
  6. Now, get onto the platform nearby and jump over the turbine while using your TOTK Paraglider.
  7. You will immediately be able to fly upwards where you will see two platforms – one with a handful of Zonai Flame Emitters and the other with a treasure chest.
  8. To solve the Gemimik Shrine puzzle, you will need to glide over to the platform with Flame Emitters on it.
  9. Now, all you need to do is use your Ultrahand to throw the working Flame Emitter on the ground.
  10. Turn off the turbine by lifting the metal slab off the current and placing it somewhere else.
  11. Now, pick up Flame Emitter and attach it to the top of the fan.
  12. To light the eight torches around the central turbine, go back and place the metal slab on the electric current.
  13. Once all eight torches have been lit up by the Flame Emitter, the Gemimik Shrine puzzle In Zelda TOTK will be solved.

The door to lead you out of the Gemimik Shrine will now be unlocked. But you shouldn’t exit the shrine just yet. There is a treasure chest waiting for you on a platform perched above the room. We will show you how to get there.


Gemimik Shrine Chest Location in TOTK

To get the Gemimik Shrine Chest, you will first need to detach the Flame Emitter from the fan. Now, get on top of the platform and jump over the turbine. Once you’re floating in the air, glide your way toward the platform with a treasure chest on it. Unlocking the chest will give you a Mighty Zonaite Shield. This will give you a stunning 50 Defense and also the ability to fuse with the Flame Emitter and other Zonai Devices.

That’s all you need to know on how to solve the Gemimik Shrine Puzzle in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. For more shrine guides like this, head over to our Zelda TOTK section right here.

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