Diablo 4 Gems Upgrade Levels (How To Unlock Them)

The Gems in Diablo 4 have multiple upgrade levels to help you create a strong build. This game is full of resources that are used to gain character or weapon buff. You can get resources like gems through various means like looting chests, enemies, and more. You can place them in the sockets of your weapons, armor, and jewelry to get buffs like increased damage, resistance, and more. And as you progress, you can enhance their effect by upgrading the gems. In this guide, you’ll learn about all gem upgrade levels and how to upgrade them in D4.

All Gems Upgrade Levels in Diablo 4

Flawless Level Emerald in Diablo IV
Image Source: SpookyFairy on YouTube

In Diablo 4, you will find seven types of gems, each with five different upgrade levels called Crude, Chipped, Standard, Flawless, and Royal. The Royal Gem is the highest level of upgrade in this game. These are based on level progressions and you’ll need to reach the following levels to unlock them:

  • Crude – Chipped: Level 20
  • Chipped – Standard: Level 40
  • Standard – Flawless: Level 60
  • Flawless – Royal: Level 70

Once you’ve unlocked the levels, you can upgrade your gems to enhance their effects.

How to Upgrade Gems in D4

To upgrade gems in Diablo 4, you must visit the Jeweler NPC in any major town (Kratia in Kyovashad). Then, hand her three gems of the previous tier and a certain amount of gold to level up the gems. For example, to upgrade a Diamond from Flawless to Royal level:

  1. Reach Level 60.
  2. Go to the Jeweler NPC.
  3. Hand her 3x Flawless Diamonds and 50,000 Gold.
  4. The Jeweler will upgrade your Flawless Diamonds to a single Royal Diamond.

The process for upgrading all the gems is the same, with the price of gold being the varying factor. The amount of Gold you’ll need to convert a gem from Crude to Royal is:

  • Crude to Chipped: 4,500 Gold
  • Chipped to Standard: 12,500 Gold
  • Standard to Flawless: 18,000 Gold
  • Flawless to Royal: 50,000 Gold

Meaning, you’ll need a total of 85,000 Gold to upgrade a gem from Crude to Royal level.

We hope this guide helped you understand the gem upgrade levels and how to upgrade them in Diablo 4. The Skull Gems are amongst the rarest in this game, so you can learn to get them in our D4 section.