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Serious Injuries in Ghost Recon Breakpoint Can Affect Gameplay – Creative Director

Serious injuries can hamper your ability to shoot and walk

Ghost Recon Breakpoint features an island Auroa ruled by a hostile gang called as Wolves, their army consist of AI-powered drones that can hunt you down in no time. It is a lot more challenging and immersive, Creative Director Eric Couzian shared some useful insights during Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: World Premiere Livestream | Ubisoft [NA].

Eric shared to make the game more immersive the terrain has a real impact on the gameplay. It can be your enemy or ally depending on how you move forward. Players can slip from slopes and slide that consume stamina. Also talking about injuries it also has a real impact on the Breakpoint gameplay. If a player is seriously injured the movement it will affect his/her ability to walk or aim.


To make the experience more immersive and intense, plays can suffer from serious injuries and depending on the gravity of the would players will need to adapt – Eric Couzian

Injuries usually have three tiers, in the first tier, the Ghost will start limping that will affect his fast movement and reduce stamina. In the second tier, the Ghost will start bleeding and with slow movement making diffiult to aim. In the final tier, the Ghost can only use a handgun to protect himself, unable to move unable to do anything.


To revive there are bandages and syringes, so probably crafting can also be a part of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. However, in the demo gameplay video, we had unable to track down details on crafting. Ghost Recon Breakpoint also features a brand new feature called Bivouac. Using this feature player can rest and heal in a safe place. New Prone Camo feature can help players to some extent it is a new kind of stealth skill that will help players to blend into the environment.

So there are plenty of new things Ghost Recon Breakpoint carries, along with an issue of AI Teammates that many users thing will not be part of Breakpoint.