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Pokemon GO Not Working Fix

Here is the fix you can use when Pokemon GO is not working.

While playing Pokemon GO you can face several issues like the game not working, freezing, not responding, and more. That is not all, there are times when the game will work but Pokemon won’t spawn. These are some of the issues that can hinder your experience and make you drop the game altogether. Although worry not, these all issues are pretty common and can be fixed. So in this guide let us check how to fix Pokemon GO not working for both Android and iOS.

How to Fix Pokemon GO not Working


how to fix pokemon go not responding

These are all the fixes you can try to get the game to work again. These solutions will also help you fix issues like the game not responding or pokemon not spawning in Pokemon GO.

  • Restart the game: Starting with the most basic fix. Irrespective of whether you play this game on Android or iOS, close the game. iOS users should exit the game instead of using the home button. And Android users should do the same they can also remove the game from their recent apps. Once closed restart the game and it should start working.
  • Check for Updates: While this is most likely not the root of the problem. Whenever there is an update available the game will tell you to update the game. It redirects you directly to App Store or Play Store. If there is an update available then update the game. You can also go to your store manually and search the game for any updates.
  • Visit Downdetector: If the game isn’t working there is a good chance there might be an issue with the servers. Check Downdetector to see if other players have also reported similar issues in the last 24 hours.
  • Check your internet: Since Pokemon GO is an online game you should have a good connection to play it. The best way to check whether your internet is working is by doing a speed test.
  • Enable/Disable Flight mode: As you have to play Pokemon GO on your phones, there is a very high chance you use mobile data for it. Thus enable airplane mode and then wait for a few seconds. After that disable it and your internet should refresh and work better.
  • Restart your phone: Another way to resolve any connection or other issues with the game is by restarting your device. Once your phone starts you shouldn’t face the problem of the game not responding.
  • Reinstall the game: If nothing else works then as a last resort reinstall the game. Uninstall the game from your device. You can directly do it or uninstall it from App Store or Play Store. After the game is removed reinstall the game.


That covers this guide on how to fix Pokemon GO not responding. Since you like playing this game I suggest you also check our other Pokemon GO guides.