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How To Raise Hope In Frostpunk?

Here is how to increase your Hope stat in Frostpunk

Much like in real life, hope in Frostpunk will be the faith that the civilians will have to survive the environment of the game. This stat is very vital and a drop in this one could also result in you losing the game. There are a number of ways in which you can raise hope in Frostpunk and we will be covering all of them in this guide.


How to Raise Hope in Frostpunk?

There are two main modifiers to raise hope in Frostpunk which are temporary modifiers and permanent modifiers. This stat fluctuates by the smallest decisions you make. Here is what you can do to increase your hope level:

Temporary Modifiers to Increase Hope in Frostpunk

Hope Stat Frostpunk

Here are all the temporary ways to gain hope in Frostpunk:

Desirable law


Any law that you impose that has a positive impact, for example, the law of House of healing will increase hope in Frostpunk.

Evening Prayers

These take place in temples and places of worship. Food is distributed and all the civilians pray together.

House of Healing

This is basically a hospital that will provide ailment to the sick and heal the patients. You can do this after signing the House of Healing Law.



To maintain the law and order and to make the civilians feel safe, guards will patrol the streets of the city and raise hope in Frostpunk civilians.


Propaganda is a news bulletin that will keep the faith in the people alive for their survival. It is delivered to every house in your city.

Public Penance

Public penance is a system where the criminals or any civilians who do any immoral or illegal activities confess and show remorse for the same.

Sermon/Ceremonial Service

The sermon is nothing but a short prayer that takes place in temples or any place o worship which will raise Hope.

Permanent Modifiers to Raise Hope in Frostpunk

Hope Modifiers Frostpunk

Here are all the permanent modifiers that you can use to raise hope in Frostpunk:

Living near a House of Prayer

After signing the House Of Prayer Law, you can construct a temple. Any civilian who lives in this vicinity will automatically have a permanent raise of Hope in Frostpunk.

Living near a Watchtower or Guard Station

Living near a guard station will give you a feeling of safety and security permanently increasing your civilians’ hope permanently.

Morning gathering

Morning gatherings is a law in the game which ensures that there is a morning meeting of all the people living in the city to get clarity of their works and their goals in general.

Propaganda Centre

Staying near the Propaganda Centre is one of the ways to get permanent hope in the game as the civilians will keep getting news about the city.

Secret Informants

The civilians can be persuaded to sign the Pledge of Loyalty and turned into informants. This will give a hope bonus.


You can build one temple in the city after signing the temple law which will increase the overall hope in Frostpunk.

Working near a shrine

Again, a religious center, working around it will give you a hope stat increase.

Child shelter

A child shelter is a school of sorts for the children in the city where children are taken care of and educated.

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