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COD Warzone Friends List Not Working Bug Fix

Here's how to fix the COD Warzone Friends List not working bug.

Call of Duty: Warzone being a Battle Royale game you would want to play with your friends and not with Randoms. Due to the ongoing bug where your Warzone friends are not showing or the Warzone friends list is not working, you are not able to play with your companions. This guide will explain how to fix the issue.

This friends list not showing up issue has been in the game for quite a while now. This Bug usually occurs when there is a massive influx of players after a major update. Due to the influx, the servers are unable to handle the load and fail to function optimally. This issue should have been fixed a long back as it is annoying to deal with. In the mean time, we can do temporary fixes by performing the undermentioned steps.

Warzone Friends List Not Working Bug Fix

If your friends are not showing up in COD Warzone, this is what you need to do to fix the problem.

  • Restart your Game/System:
    This is the simplest fix as most problems are fixed by restarting.
    Sometimes the game load doesn’t load properly the first time and so needs a reboot. This applies to the system you use.
    Restarting your Router will also work.
  • Restart Crossplay in your Game:
    Another way is to turn off crossplay and turning it back on.
    If it doesn’t happen then turn it off and restart Call of Duty: Warzone.
    Once it starts, turn on crossplay, it will start working properly.
    If that still didn’t work then turn off crossplay and clear the cache memory of your system.
    Turn your system On again.
  • Send a Friend Request in Warzone:
    Over here you must send a friend a request to one of your friends or you can send a request to a random name.
    By doing so it should fix your issue.
    If it still doesn’t work then delete that request and retry.
  • Wait till it works:
    If the aforementioned steps didn’t work then patiently waiting can be an option.
    This is the most boring and time-consuming one but the issue may get fixed on itself when the servers get fixed.
  • Get a Support Ticket:
    If none of them work then contacting support is your last option.
    Create a Support Ticket, enlist all the problems you have been facing, take screenshots of the friends list, and attach them to the Ticket.
    Once submitted the Support Assistance will get back to you and will walk you through the steps of fixing the bug.

It’s annoying to not be able to play with your friends. Hope this guide has helped you resolve the Warzone Friends List Not Working Bug.

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