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Madden 24 Freezing & Crashing Fix For PC

Can't start Madden 24 because it keeps crashing? Here is how you can fix it.

Madden 24 is here and players are looking for a fix to stop the game from continuously crashing or freezing. While there are new things the game has to offer like better control with FieldSENSE. Or their new SAPIEN Technology. It won’t exactly matter if you can’t play the game. Thankfully though there are some generic solutions that can help you resolve these issues. So here is how you can solve it.

How to Fix Crashing Issues in Madden 24

how to fix madden 24 crashing freezing and black screen on pc

There are no official fixes for this issue but you can try these general workarounds.

  • Restart the game: Starting with the basics, restart Madden 24, while there is a chance it may crash again. But it might also make the game work properly. You can even restart the PC to see if it helps any better.
  • Close background apps: Any apps running in the background might hog up the resources needed to run the game. So while the game may start it may often freeze or crash. Open Task Manager and close any app that you don’t feel should be running. Try playing Madden 24 now and it shouldn’t crash.
  • Update GPU drivers: When a game is newly released, there is a chance it faces crash issues due to unoptimized graphic card drivers. Simply update them using GeForce Experience, AMD Radeon Software, or by downloading them from their official website. Once you install the driver update, restart your PC and this should help fix problems like crashing or freezing.
  • Verify File Integrity: You often come across such issues when there are some corrupt game files. These can be taken care of easily by simply Verifying their integrity. Wait for Steam to scan and repair them. Once done restart the game and see if you still face the same problems.
  • Disable Anti-virus: Similar to closing background apps, Anti-virus can often times affect your system’s performance for games. Since they run continuously to prevent malware attacks. They often end up using resources that could have been better used in the game. Turn it off while you are playing. Once you are done you can enable it again.
  • Check for Updates: See if the game has released any updates addressing these problems. Updating your game will apply the necessary patches or hot fixes and should make the game run better.

That’s all you can do to fix crashing, freezing, and lagging issues in Madden 24. For more help on other topics of this game, be sure to check out our Madden NFL 24 section.