MLB The Show 22 – How To Get Free Packs

Learn how to get Free Packs in MLB The Show 22 from this guide.

MLB The Show 22 is the official online Baseball game where fans & players can play & compete against each other. To have an edge over your opponents, you will need the best players on your Team. But how do you get new & good Players? Well, that’s simple, through Packs. Getting a good number of Packs will allow you to get a lot of new & good Players. From there you can trade up and get even better Players. Saying that Packs are usually not that cheap but there is a way around it. In this guide, I will show you how you can get Free Packs in MLB The Show 22.

How to Get Free Packs in MLB The Show 22

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The Best Packs a player can get are Free Packs. In MLB The Show 22, there are a few ways that the player can get them. The first way is through Single-Player Modes like Conquest.

Conquest Mode – Free Packs in MLB The Show 22

Under Conquest, you have many Maps like the Mystery Map. The Mystery Map resets whenever you complete it. This means you can farm it for rewards. Goal 4 of the Mystery Map will give you 5 The Show Packs. If you are doing this for the first time then you will get 3 Standard Packs, 1 Headliner Pack, & the 5 The Show Packs. This is 9 Free Packs in MLB The Show 22 and if you play it again you will get 5 The Show Packs. If you are looking for a good source of Packs then I suggest you grind the Mystery Map.

Another game mode you should complete is the Faces of the Franchise West under Conquest. You should play it after its completion but this Map will give you a Prospect Choice Pack ALW, a Prospect Choice Pack NLW, & a Ballin’ is a Habit Pack. If you don’t wish to use the Cards from here then you will be able to sell them for 4K to 5K Stubbs.


The next mode you should be playing is the Mini-Seasons. Doing these can get you an 89 Overall Evan Longoria, a Championship Bundle (15 The Show Packs, 1 Ballin’ is a Habit Pack, & 10K Stubbs), 2 Prospect Choice Pack, 7 The Show Pack, 2 Ballin’ is a Habit Pack, & Mystery Choice Pack at the minimum.


If you have been paying attention, you will notice that there are a lot of Free Prospect Choice Packs. Well if you collect 25 Prospect Cards, you can get a 91 Overall Adley Rutschman for free. He is a pretty strong Card to have on your Team and if you don’t want him you could put him on the market.

Also if you collect 15 Prospect Cards, you will get 5 The Show Packs. Also do always check your Collections as you progress through MLB The Show 22, you will get more cards which will get you Free Diamond 90 Overall on average Cards. This is worth it as it will cost you nothing to do. Also, Collections that don’t give Players rewards will give Packs that are again Free.

Faces Of The Franchise Program

The last way to get Free Packs in MLB The Show 22 is by doing the Faces Of The Franchise Program. The Faces Of The Franchise Program is an XP Road where after certain Milestones you will be rewarded. The majority of the Milestones have amazing Packs like Faces Of The Franchise NL Central, Flashbacks & Legends, Faces Of The Franchise AL Central, & many more. This will get you good cards that you can use or they can go to your Collections which will get you better Cards.

All in all, there are plenty of methods of getting Free Packs in MLB The Show 22. All you have to do is grind and put in some time. This was all about getting the Free Packs in MLB The Show 22. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our other guides like Best PCI Settings in MLB The Show 22.