How To Get Free Coins & Hearts In Mortal Kombat 11

Easiest way to get free coins and heart

Morta1 Kombat 11 wants you to grind a lot before you earn a decent amount of coins and hearts to unlock a chest in the Krypt. So if you are wondering without purchasing is there a way you can get free coins and hearts in Mortal Kombat 11 then yes, the game allows you to create an AI character that fights on your behalf in Endless Tower inside Classic Tower. This is the best way to farm money without doing anything in Mortal Kombat 11.

How To Free Coins and Hearts

  1. Go to Kustomize from the game menu, select a good character.
  2. Go to AI Behavior Tab and increase the amount of Kombos, reduce Grapple, Rushdown, Reversal, and Zoning. If you are confused about the settings then select Preset by hitting Square or X on the controller. Pick the Maniac.
  3. Now return to the main Menu and Klassic Towers inside Konquer. Select Endless. Performance rewards are rewarded after 5 Win, 15 Wins, 25 Wins, 50 Wins, and 100 Wins.
  4. Select your character, before you start choose variation and turn on AI Fighter.

A few other ways to farm hearts is by performing a Fatality that earns one heart, while a Brutality will earn two. In the Krypt after getting Chained Spear Of Hanzo Hasashi. You can pull the bodies hanging in the krypt to earn hearts.

Now sit back and relax the AI fighter will fight the matches. Depending on the character combos and strength it can hold longer in the endless and win performance rewards for you. Almost if you get the AI settings proper they will perform fatalities and farm hearts also.

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