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Sonic Frontiers: How To Beat The Four Towers In Ares Island (Walkthrough)

Here's a detailed guide on how to beat the four towers on Ares Island in Sonic Frontiers within 60 seconds.

In Sonic Frontiers, you will come across many puzzles to solve and progress further in the game. On your quest to collect the Chaos Emeralds, you will come across the Ares Island Challenges. While some are pretty straightforward, some can be difficult to figure out. Many players have reported finding it tough to beat the four towers on Ares Island. If you are looking for answers to the same then don’t look any further. In this article, we will give you a complete walkthrough on how to beat the Four Towers in Ares Island in Sonic Frontiers.


How to Beat the Four Towers on the Ares Island Challenge in Sonic Frontiers

Beat best tower defense within time Sonic Frontiers

On Ares Island, you will come across a particularly difficult mission called the Best Defense quest. In this quest, you will have to beat four towers heading toward Knuckles’ bunker. The tricky part is that you get 60 seconds to beat all the towers. On top of that, Sonic will have only three lives so he can take only three hits. If you charge head-on to the towers and try to pummel them, then you’ll exhaust the time limit to beat just one tower. However, there is a way to beat a tower with a single hit. You can defeat the four towers on Ares Island in Sonic Frontiers by baiting them to attack you first and then attack with a mid-air stomp on its head. Here’s how to do so:

  • Walk up to one of the towers
  • The tower will then jump and try to land on you
  • Dodge it and jump over the spikes released after the initial attack
  • Now, the tower will be immobile and you can scale it
  • Perform a wall run on the tower and reach its head
  • Then jump in the air and attack with a stomp to its head
  • And voila! The tower will crumble down

Repeat this process with the remaining towers and you will clear the Tower Defense quest within 60 seconds. You will be rewarded with the Cyan Chaos Emerald for beating this quest.


That’s all from us on how to beat the Four Towers on Ares Island in Sonic Frontiers. For more helpful guides like how to parry and how to get Soap Shoes, visit GamerTweak soon.