Fortnite Valentine’s Day Event 2021: How to Get Free Rewards?

Here's a quick guide on how to get free rewards in Fortnite from Valentin's day event.

Valentine week has already started and Fortnite players are curious to know what Epic Games have in store for them as Valentine Day 2021 rewards. Similar to every year, Fortnite players will reportedly get a bunch of things for free as a reward. However, Epic Games have not officially announced the same as of yet.

If you don’t know how to get free rewards in Fortnite from Valentin’s Day event (2021)  then don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Fortnite Valentine’s Day Event 2021

If anything to go by data miners, among the things Fortnite players will get from the Valentine’s Day (2021) event are two new NPCs, 43 and 44. They might not have landed on the island but players have already know what they are. For the unversed, they are the Cuddle King and Lovely.

According to a report in Sportskeeda, all the challenges coming the Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 Week 11 will be based on Valentine Day. The last challenge will task players to find a Valentine for Lovely.

There are numerous videos available on YouTube giving us hints that there will be two events for Valentine’s Day this year.

How to Get Free Rewards in Fortnite From the Valentines Day Event 2021?

There are multiple data miners including HYPEX, who have uploaded multiple videos on YouTube showing what Fortnite players can get for free during Valentine’s Day event 2021. According to HYPEX, there will be six rewards.

Herre’s list of rewards that Fortnite will get from Valentine’s Day event this year:

  • Harvesting Tool (Rare) – Breathless Blade
  • Emote (Rare) – Perfect Match
  • Emote (Rare) – Heart Breakers
  • Emote (Rare) – Reel Love
  • Wraps (Rare) – Heart’s Desire
  • Music Track (Rare) – Hooked On You

It should be noted that these items will only be available during Valentine’s Day 2021 event. Since all the rewards are designed to spread love, no one can purchase these items in Fortnite later. There are TWO NPCs which are specifically designed for this year’s event.

We have not yet found a way to get rewards in Fortnite from the Valentines Day Event 2021. Keep visiting this page from time to time because as soon as the event goes live, we will update this guide.

The only reason why Fortnite players have high hope from Epic Games is it is the first major event to be taking in the game in 2021. It is likely that Epic Games will have a lot of secret rewards for its millions of players.

What all we can do is wait and watch until the event goes live.