Fortnite Valentine’s Day Cosmetics & Skins Leaked

As always, the events made by Epic Games bring to Fortnite many new interesting contents, aesthetic and otherwise, designed specifically for their fans. The eleventh week of this year will introduce missions in Fortnite based on the special event dedicated to Valentine’s Day.

By completing these missions you will be rewarded with themed content with the most romantic day of the year. To talk about it were leakers who have leaked some indiscretion and advance on the contents that are about to arrive on the famous title.

One of the leaks in question shows the two new skins dedicated to Valentine’s Day in Fortnite, which are Cuddle King and Lovely. With them will also come the missions dedicated to the holiday of lovers, for which it will be necessary to wait for the publication of the new update to find out more about it.

v15.40 & New NPCS!

We should see the next update to Fortnite as soon as next week due to a Week 11 quest to “Choose a character to be Lovely’s Valentine!”

Despite this, Cuddle King & Lovely aren’t finished, which means an update would be required for the quest to work.

The second leak instead shows “all the new cosmetics,” also dedicated to the upcoming holiday. Between weapons and emotes there will be many interesting contents proposed for the feast of love, among which we point out the ax of the attacker in love, the Techno-Grip ax, breathless blades, suffocating sack, the crooked claw, and more, as you can see in the tweet below.

We, therefore, know the skins and objects that will be added for the event, but the unknown is still how the game world will transform for the arrival of Valentine’s Day. We are talking about a limited-time event and, as always happens, the time in which the items dedicated to it will be redeemable and it will also be limited.