Fortnite v12.40 Update Weapons Leaked

By Raaj
1 Min Read

Fortnite developers are always prepped to release interesting new content for the players including skins, weapons, newly extended content and more. Upcoming Fortnite Update v12.40 is going to add two new weapons in the game according to a Twitter leak. They are a Shotgun and dual-wield Pistols.

Update v12.40 will be landing next week, yet there is less info from that developer what more new content and fixes are coming up. Tweeted by Hypex, the new weapons will fall in uncommon, rare, and epic rarity category.

The Dual Suppressed Pistols Stats:

  • Ammo: Medium Bullets
  • Reload time (seconds): 3.15/3/2.85
  • Mag size: 18
  • Damage to player: 37/39/41

New Shotgun Stats:

  • Rarities: All
  • Damage: 68/77/85/95/102
  • Headshot multiplier: x1.5
  • Damage charge multiplier: 1x – 1.75x
  • Mag size: 3
  • Charge time: 1 second

It is unclear about the official release of upcoming Update it can be out in a week or two. Also check the most recent Fortnite PS Bundle skin exclusively out for PlayStation. Only PS Plus Members can grab the new skins.