Exclusive PS Plus Skins Coming To Fortnite Today

By Raaj
1 Min Read

Fortnite Cross-over gifts are cool, and this time according to a news source an exclusive PlayStation bundle is coming up to this popular battle royale game. Exclusive for PS Plus members it includes cosmetic items leaked a few months ago.

According to FortniteIntel.com, the new PlayStation bundle features Point Patroller skin and Secon Strike back bling. The leaked image was tweeted by data miners that to an extent look legit. The tweet below by FortTory provides a glimpse of new skins based on the white and blue color combination.

Decrypted on April 13, data miners revealed the skin is unlocked for Fortnite players in New Zealand. The same will be rolled out worldwide in the next 24 hours. Previous exclusive skins for Xbox and Mobile platform have a requirement to buy something to receive codes, while for PS Plus users a leaked screenshot claimed it is completely free.

Available through the PS Store, members with plus subscriptions will see this item soon. Scroll through your PS Store to check out the free Skin bundle and it is not visible try after few hours.

Source: FortniteIntel.com