Pirates have set their sights on Fortnite and they are after your loot

Take what you can, Give nothing back.

Like all good things, Fortnite Season 7 is about to come to an end and keeping up with the trend that Epic has kept up with gamers all over the internet are buzzing with anticipation of what the new update might bring.

Fret not though as the Fortnite Twitter handle gave a glimpse into what theme this new Season might bring to the island

After Valentine’s Day theme that swept up the island with love it is now time for pirates, so be on the lookout for pirates and other similar items spawning on the island in the near future.

What Season 8 might bring:


Get ready to flaunt your character in a brand new pirate avatar soon as Epic are notoriously known for having characters from popular media in the game and if possible, they might even sneak a Captain Jack Sparrow avatar into the game. Which would be fun and not only that but popular pirates like Blackbeard or other nautical themed avatars.


Get ready for hooks and old rifles which might replace the grapple gun and few other weapons in the game. With these, there may be a ton of other fun changes to weapons and other items.

Also, there might be treasure chests scattered along the island for players to find which with plenty of rewards.

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Fortnite is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4

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