Fortnite World Cup Solo Champion Will Walk Away With 3 Million Dollars Price

Epic Games Announced A 100 Million Dollar Prize Pool

Want to be a millionaire by playing game then gear up for Fortnite World Cup Challenge. Epic Games announced $100,000,000 Competitive Prize Pool for year 2019. There’s a massive prize pool for a solo player along with separate prize money for every team member. So if you are among those players who had spent hours of life in Fortnite then this is your best chance.

What is Fortnite World Cup?

Fortnite World Cup is an international game event where players around the world will participate to earn high cash price.

How To Enter in Fortnite World Cup?

Fortnite World Cup begins with 10 Weekly Online Open Qualifier challenge. It will start on April 13, 2019and end on June 16, 2019. Eligible players will get chance to earn from massive $1,000,000 prize pool.

  • Players must be at least 13 year older or any other legal age as per residence country law.
  • Players between 13 to 17 must have permission from parent or legal guardian.
  • Players must have good standing with Epic Accounts, if you have violated any policy or banned you must be ready to pay penalties as according to Epic Games Rules.

When are the Finals? (Location & Date)

Top 100 Solo Players and Top 50 Duos team around the world will join the Fortnite World Cup Finals. The final will take place in New York city from July 26, 2019 and end on July 28, 2019. Prize pool upto $30,000,000 to grab.

What is Fortnite World Cup Finals Winners Price Money?

Each player will get a guaranteed prize of at least $50,000 and the World Cup Solo champion will get $3,000,000.

Is there anything for those who don’t play Fortnite?

Well, yes even if you are not a pro Battle Royale Player, Epic Games has something for you. There is an additional event at Fortnite World Cup Finals that feature fun custom challenges of different modes and format. You can celebrate in New York enjoy the event online.

Epic Games will continue awarding cash prize from massive $1,000,000 pool in weekly tournaments through 2019.

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