Fortnite v7.30 Leaked Skins, Glider, Black Bling, Emotes and More

Fortnite v7.30 patch is released and brings some new updates along with fixes for the game. The patch contains a lot of released and unreleased content you can see below. Thanks to, for the updates, click the source link for more details on all the items. Official patch note by Epic Games gives a detailed list of all the changes the patch will add. You can check the second source link at the end of this news.

We bring you pics of leaked cosmetics, skins, pickaxes, back bling, gliders, wraps and emotes. The patch also introduces a new mode – Solid Gold, a limited time mode where all weapon spawn is Legendary with increased material gathering.

Fortnite v7.30 Patch Leaked Skins:

fortnite patch 730 leaked skins

Outfit – The Prisoner (Legendary), Honor Guard (Epic), Kitbash (Epic) and Sparkplug (Rare).

Fortnite v7.30 Patch Leaked Pickaxes:

fortnite patch 730 leaked pickaxes

Pickaxes – Cold Hearted, Frozen Beak, Marshy Smasher and Squid Striker. All are rare weapons.

Fortnite v7.30 Patch Leaked Back Bling:

fortnite patch 730 leaked back bling

Back Bling – Padlock (Legendary), Reinforced Backplate (Epic), Trash Lid (Epic), Frozen Feathers (Rare) and Scrappy (Rare).

Fortnite v7.30 Patch Leaked Glider:

fortnite patch 730 leaked glider

Glider – Extra Cheese Epic Glider.

Fortnite v7.30 Patch Leaked Emotes:

fortnite patch 730 leaked emotes

Glider – Glowstick (Epic), Bobbin (Rare), Keep it Mello (Rare), Marsh Walk (Rare) and Air Horn.

Fortnite v7.30 Patch Leaked Wraps:

fortnite patch 730 leaked wraps

Rare Wrap – Golden Cloud.

Following are some leaked skins and new content you will find after the new patch, you can read the full log on the link below.

Fortnite v7.30 patch Patch Notes / FNBR.CO

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