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Fortnite Next Update Brings Bots For New Players

Increase Your Skills To Face Real Players

A big announcement coming up from the developer of Fortnite Battle Royale is the introduction of AI players in the game. Epic Games announced Update 10.40 will bring in Bots for the first time in the game. Players can now compete with AI players which will try to balance the competitive gameplay experience.

The game is based on matchmaking strategy where players around the globe participate in a Battle Royale mode to survive till the end. This has been remaining unchanged for the past couple of years and now players skills have grown. Epic Games ensure using the accurate match-making strategy to connect players with the equivalent skills to keep the competition fair.


Fortnite Update 10.40 will also improve matchmaking logic for the game mode to bring out balanced matches for everyone. Players will be competing with opponents of similar skills and this will be rolled out slowly to all the regions.

The biggest new things of Fortnite Update 10.40 is Bots, the next seasons will bring Bots on-board players who hate to wait. Bots will be working with the new matchmaking skills allowing players to compete well and improver their skills. By improving, skills Player will face fewer bots and more real-world players in the game and they will not be ranked in the Competitive Playlist.

Source: Fortnite