Fortnite Mobile Not Working Fix

Here is how you can fix Fortnite Mobile when it is not working.

Many Android users are getting the Fortnite mobile not working error. This could be because the game doesn’t matchmake or it does not even get past the Epic Games screen. Thankfully there are ways you can resolve it. So in this guide check out how to fix Fortnite Mobile not working and other matchmaking issues.

How to Fix Fortnite Mobile Not Working

how to fix fortnite mobile not working and matchmaking issues

You can fix the Fortnite Mobile not working for Android by updating your app. This is the basic fix that should work for most game versions. But let us talk about the v23.00 of the game. With the release of Chapter 4 Season 1 the game began to give many players an error that said “LIBRARY-IN-NOSIGNATURES”. Thankfully the developers have resolved this error and an update is also available. You can check out about it on their Twitter status here.

But if you are still facing issues even after updating your app, then here are some fixes that you can try.

  • Disable USB Debugging: If you install custom ROMs or other firmware on your device then there is a high chance you must have this option enabled. Sadly this option doesn’t work for Epic as the developers don’t allow you to play the game with it enabled. You can simply disable it to start playing again.
      1. Go to your phone’s Settings.
      2. Look for Developer Options. You should find it by scrolling below or under Advanced settings.
      3. Turn off the USB Debugging.
    • You can always turn it back on after you are done playing the game.
  • Unroot your phone: Epic games currently don’t support the devices if they are:
      • Rooted
      • Have their bootloader unlocked
      • Or while starting the game you get messages like the SafetyNet check has failed or about the Android Debug Bridge.
    • If your phone falls into any of the above-mentioned situations, then you should either unroot your phone and go back to its Stock version. Or not play the game. Because if you try to bypass while meeting the above criteria Epic games could ban your account.

That covers this guide on how to fix the matchmaking or Fortnite Mobile not working issues. If the game started working for you I suggest you check out our guide on how to bounce with the Shockwave Hammer.