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Fortnite’s Marvel Knockout LTM Event | Everything That You Must Know About Fortnite’s Marvel Event

Fortnite's Marvel Knockout is a new LTM that pits players in a team of 2v2 or 3v3 with superpowers instead of weapons. Check it out here

Fortnite’s Marvel Knockout event which was prophesied since the Avengers made their appearance is finally here. If you want to know everything thing there is about the Fortnite’s Marvel’s Knockout event, check this guide until the end.


Fortnite’s Marvel Knockout Event Explained

Fortnite has been pushing hard to include as many pop culture references as they can and it seems like they’ve hit the jackpot with the Avengers assembling on the island for a future battle against Galactus.

The latest update v14.10 was released recently which included the Fortnite’s Marvel Knockout event. This will have players placed in teams battling others in front of them, sounds pretty usually until you see that the weapons are only Marvel-themed and you cannot find other floor weapons in this mode.

This makes part of increasingly incredible gameplay moments where players deploy different tactics to battle their opponents.

A lot of the players in Fortnite were sad that everyone could not use superhero powers in Fortnite, this Marvel’s Knockout event seems to deliver the exact experience that players were looking for.

You will be placed in teams of two or three and both you and your opponents will have access to the same powers on both sides.


This unpredictability adds to the fun factor of the Marvel Knockout event in Fortnite, and there’s loads of fun to be had. If neither of the team has a superhero skill unlocked then the powers will be randomly generated and given to both sets of the team.

For each kill that you make in this mode, you will earn a point and you will need to have the most number of points by the end of the timer.

Winning each round will ensure that your team gets promoted to the next round and there are four such rounds to go through and after that, you will be crowned as the winner of the tournament.

This new addition is a lot of fun and we highly recommend that you check it out as soon as possible. This is all there is to know about Fortnite’s Marvel Knockout event.

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