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After Travis Scott, Fortnite Hosts a Diplo and Major Lazer Live Concert

It's party time in Fortnite!

Fortnite is on a roll! After the roaring success of Travis Scott’s trippy concert, Fortnite is adding yet another musical extravaganza to its list. This time, it’s Diplo and Major Lazer!

In the Party Royale Mode which launched on Wednesday, Fortnite hosted a live concert featuring Diplo, Major Lazer and Jordan Fisher. The event had a main stage with a DJ setup, complete with a huge screen in the arena. The live event started at 9 PM ET and players joined it with great enthusiasm all over the world. Since it’s a part of the Party Royale Mode, it means that no weapons were allowed in the concert.

In this live concert, fans could enjoy some popular music, dance to it and just have a great time! This event, although amazing, was nowhere close to the mega event that was the Travis Scott event. Still, this is an amazing way for fans to ‘attend’ concerts while locked inside due to the Coronavirus.

The Travis Scott concert was an absolute blockbuster beyond anyone’s imagination. The visuals, the style and the surprise element were mind-blowing. Fortnite tweeted that over 27.7 million users around the world participated in the Travis Scott Concert in Fortnite. They took part around 45.8 million times across five events.

The event was truly astronomical and created hype for Fortnite as well as new fans for Travis Scott. Maybe, just maybe, this could be the start of a whole new format and genre of concerts. Well, we’re definitely not complaining! From the looks of it, we can definitely expect more celebrities to collab with Fortnite in the near future.

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