How To Get Driftboard And Play Drifting Mode In Fortnite – Tips Guide

With simple tips turn yourself into a Pro Dirftor!

Fortnite introduced Dirftin LTM mode that adds an amazing new drift-board in the game. If you are bored hopping and shooting then this a wonderful opportunity to slide on ice and play something new. The Driftin TLM pits has two teams of 32 players each competing with each other in a death match. You will be using weapons, bombs to blow off opponents in your way and earn the victory badge. So if you are new to the Drift Mode keep reading the best tips below that will turn you into a pro driftor.

How To Start Drift Mode

To start playing Drift Mode, from the lobby select play and you will see the mode Details. From there pick Driftin, and select play. Next you will find yourself with a few players and as usual you will be thrown over a massive map to compete till the last breath.

How To Unlock Driftboard

If you are wondering how to get a driftboard then focus on Red Supply Drops, the crates will start falling once the game begins.

Tips to find a Driftboard In Fortnite:

As soon as you land try getting near the Red supply drops, they are your source of Driftboard in Fortnite. It is best to stay in the air if you are not sure, or had not seen the supply box. Float a while or jump last, if you land really fast and far from the supply crate you will be in trouble.

If you are still unable to get the supply crate find a safe spot, somewhere you are not in range of enemies. Next locate the nearest supply drop and find a passage to reach it. With Driftboard you will also get chance to pick the best weapons.

Tips and Tricks For To Use Dirftboard

Some important tips for new players before you start using the Driftboard, here your movement is different compared to running. So there are some things you must remember.

Driftboard Controls Tips

Learn the controls properly, if you are using a controller then press forward to move and hold for jump. To get a short speed boost press the down button on the dpad. There are other more things that you will learn fast, but understand the controls well before you jump into a fight. The movements are simple what matters are jumping and crouching, these two movements are life savers in death match.

Crouch to increase your speed and release to jump. The longer you hold the higher you will jump. To perform tricks or stunts push forward or back to do a front flip if you are in an air, rotate side to do a 180degree spin. Keep experimenting to explore new stunts.

How To Deal With Storm?

Ignore the storm if you are on the driftboard, it won’t cause you much damage, and it will shrink on its own. It is hard to escape if you are in the middle, try going slow to find a way out. The storm will shrink giving you enough room to locate enemies and escape.

Weapons & Team Work Tips

While on driftboard always use weapons with automatic aim, this will save time. There are weapons that come with good speed and auto-aim use them. It is very effective to take down enemies in the range. The best way to live longer is to stay with your team. You will be playing in a 32 player quad, so try not to drift far away. Staying with them will give you enough cover and a chance to fight back.

Avoid Looting

Dirftin LTM is a fast paced mode, where spending time on looting can be lethal. Also you won’t find anything great, it’s all about kicking opponents out of the game and hoist the flag of your squad first. So avoid getting into the loot crave, instead focus only on the Red Supply Drop. That is the only best loot.

With the basic tips definitely you can turn into a pro player, remember to ace controls, and use weapons with auto-aim and perfect jumping dodging to stay ahead.

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