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Fortnite Crew no V-Bucks Glitch Fix – How to Unlock Fortnite Crew rewards?

Cannot find Fortnite Crew January 2021 rewards? Refer to this guide to learn more about how to get V-Bucks back in your Fortnite account.

Are you a Fortnite Crew subscriber? If yes then check your account if you are able to redeem your monthly reward. A few users have reported they are unable to see Fortnite Crew January 2021 rewards. Around 1000 Fortnite V-bucks are missing out. Thankfully the developer already knows about the issue, and here is what you can do to resolve this Fortnite Crew rewards glitch.

How to Fix Fortnite Crew no V-Bucks Glitch?

Fortnite Crew cost around $11.99 a month and this subscription service offer some exclusive rewards every month to its members. This includes around 1000 V-bucks that went missing this January 2021. Part of the rewards Fortnite users has reported they are unable to use the same. Even after having access to Fortnite’s current Battle Pass, the customer has not got the 1000 V-bucks. So what can be done here?

The issue is not just limited to disappearing V-bucks, but with the subscription fee and other problems. It seems Fortnite Crew servers are going through certain changes that had lead to such glitches. This is not a serious issue. Here is what Fortnite has to say about the bug.

Thankfully Fortnite has acknowledged this bug and tweeted they are working on a fix. What you can do to fix this issue re-login to your account to verify the free money is added or not. You will have to check for a couple of days until the developer had fixed the issue permanently and drops the free V-bucks in your account.

Another common glitch faced by many Fortnite users is they cannot signup for the service on Samsung Devices. A few users reported the service fee has been charged multiple times in a month. Fortnite developers had acknowledged the glitches and will provide a fix for the same. Till the time you try contacting Epic Games for the issue.