How To Fix Fortnite Challenges Not Working

Are your Fortnite Weekly Challenges not working? Read more about it here.

Challenges in Fortnite are one of the most exciting aspect of the game but players are getting some issues where Fortnite Challenges are not working (2021). They are having trouble completing challenges since there’s an issue with the quest progression. This is quite frustrating especially for hardcore players. In case you are wondering how to fix the Fortnite Weekly Challenges Issue, keep reading to know more about it.

Fortnite Weekly Challenges Not Working Fix


You can find out if the Fortnite Challenges are not working from the @Fortnitestatus twitter account. They actively address an issue and also post when the problem is fixed. Any future issues with quest progression will be investigated by the team and they will update about it on Twitter.

In case you have seen that rewards have been given in the match but you have not received them, then you will be able to get them after the fix as tweeted by them. For those who want to claim the rewards now, you will have to try to complete the challenge requirements once again.

The frustration of players is understandable mainly because the Fortnite Challenges give a chance for players to earn XP. This bonus XP plays a crucial role in reaching higher tiers of the battle pass faster. Moreover, being able to say that you’ve completed every Fortnite Weekly Challenge surely gives you bragging rights in the gaming community.

So, if you face this Fortnite Challenges Not Working bug, the fix is basically to wait until FortniteStatus addresses it. Since this is a glitch from the end of the developer, there’s nothing you can do in order to claim the rewards from the challenges until they resolve it. The game is getting constant updates and sometimes this also means that new bugs and glitches appear. Rest assured that the devs are pretty proactive in fixing these problems.

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