Elden Ring: Where To Find Fort Haight (& Things To Do)

This is how you can get to the location of Fort Haight in Elden Ring.

You should find the location of Fort Haight in Elden Ring for two main things, to get the Left Dectus medallion and to complete Kenneth’s questline. The Left Dectus medallion is very important as the name suggests it is the left piece of the medallion that opens the Grand lift of Dectus. As for doing Kenneth’s questline has its own perks. But before you can do any of that getting there is a must. So let us quickly check where Fort Haight is in Elden Ring.

Where to Find Fort Haight in Elden Ring?

where to find fort haight in elden ring

You can find Fort Haight on the west side of Limgrave. This is how you can get to it:

  1. Fast Travel to the Gatefront site of grace in Limgrave.
  2. From here, use the main road and go southeast and you should reach the Waypoint Ruins Cellar.
    • Now you have two options:
      • Reach there directly
        1. You could either keep heading southeast until you reach the eastern edge of Limgrave. This will directly bring you to the Fort Haight West site of grace, you should find the fort near it.
      • Follow the road but take a longcut
        1. Or you can follow the main road and go north this should take you to Mistwood Outskirts. This site of grace is important as you can find the NPC Kenneth near it.
        2. When you keep following the main road north you should eventually reach the Third Church of Marika site of grace.
        3. From this site follow the main road south and after a few twists and turns you will reach the Fort Haight West site of grace.
  3. Finally, go east from this site and you will reach the Fort.

fort haight map location

What to do in Fort Haight?

  • Get the Left Dectus Medallion: Climb all the ways to the top of the fort and you can find it in a chest. You can do that by clearing the fort of all its enemies.
  • Get Bloody Slash: In the process, you of clearing the enemies will also get Ash of War: Bloody Slash, a Knight there will drop it.
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (6): You can find it on a corpse inside the fort.
  • Getting Erdsteel Dagger: After clearing the fort you can go back and talk to Kenneth to get Erdsteel Dagger. If you continue his questline you will also get Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.
  • Collect the Golden Seed: While it isn’t directly inside Fort Haight, but rather closer to. While on your way you should also collect the Golden Seed.

That covers everything you should know to find the location of Fort Haight in Elden Ring and what to do there. I suggest you also check our Elden Ring section if you need help with some other things about this game.