Best Decks To Use In Forbidden Forest Of HP Magic Awakened

Set any of these decks in your Charms slot to quickly clear stages of Forbidden Forest in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

Forbidden Forest is one of the most resourceful areas of Harry Potter Magic Awakened. With every level, you gain more and more free items and rewards, including in-game currencies. And if you are exploring it with the team, then you will receive special items, which can be exchanged for other goods. The forest is filled with strange and deathly monsters, fighting them with just Spells is never recommended. The best way to deal with monsters is through Summons, as some are immune to few attacks. So we have created some best decks to use in Forbidden Forest of Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

Best Decks to Use in Forbidden Forest in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Decks Forbidden Forest HP Magic Awakened

Companion Ivy Warrington Deck

When summoned her first cast is a Vanishing Spell; it defeats the first enemy she hits. There are some exceptions to her power, but overall she is capable of inflicting good damage.

  • Ventus: Epic
  • Baby Antipodean Opaleye: Legendary
  • Weasleys Firework Box: Epic
  • Incendio: Epic
  • Ashwinder: Epic
  • Essence of Dittany: Common
  • Oppugno: Common
  • Fwoopers: Rare

Hermione Granger Companion Deck to the Forest of Magic Awakened

Hermoine is capable of replicating attacks, so if you have obtained her, this deck formation is best for you. Her health, attack, and other stats are great, so she will be quite useful against strong enemies of the Forbidden Forest.

  • Prior Incantato: Epic
  • Glacius: Rare
  • Phoenix: Legendary
  • Weasleys Wildfire Whiz-Bangs: Epic
  • Baby Antipodean Opaleye: Legendary
  • Occamy: Epic
  • Swelling Solution: Common
  • Time-Turner: Epic

Companion Ron Weasley Deck for Forbidden Forest

Ron Weasley is a Mythic Companion charm that comes with his two chess pieces. Both pieces keep the enemy engaged and deal heavy damage while you recover with Spells like Swelling Solution.

  • Fiendfyre: Legendary
  • Orb of Water: Legendary
  • Piertotum Locomotor: Legendary
  • Glacius Maxima: Epic
  • Weasleys Firework Box: Epic
  • Atmospheric Charm: Rare
  • Protego Totalum: Common
  • Swelling Solution: Common

You can use any of these best decks to clear Forbidden Forest fast in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. There are many Charms in the game, so if you are short on any of the mentioned cards, replace them with these best early-game cards.