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How To Get A Golden Egg In Forager

Wondering how to get the Golden Egg in Forager? It is a rare and valuable drop from chickens. Use these tips to increase your chances of getting Golden Eggs.

Obtaining resources that appear in the world and crafting items with them is one of the core mechanics of Forager. By combining exploration, adventure and puzzles, this game ends up being super engaging and engrossing as you level up. One of the things you need to get is a Golden Egg in Forager. If you are confused about where to find it, this guide will help you out.


Forager Golden Egg: How to Get it

As expected, the Golden Egg in Forager comes from chickens. It is very valuable and of course, more important than normal eggs. During one side quest, you will need a Golden Egg as a condition to complete it.

Do remember that it is a rare drop – in fact, it is one of the rarest items. That is because you cannot ‘create’ it in any way. You cannot craft it nor can you follow any specific trail to grab it. The Forager Golden Egg spawn is completely random which is what makes it tough to obtain. It will be dropped by normal chickens but with a very low spawn rate. But all hope is not lost because you can do certain things to increase the drop rate of the Golden Egg in Forager.

How to Increase the Drop Rate?

Do these things to boost the spawn rate of Golden Egg.



  • Animal Feed: When you give Animal Feed to chickens, there will be greater chances of them dropping this precious item.
  • Have more Chickens: The more chickens you have that are eating Animal Feed, the more probability of them giving you this special egg. You can increase the spawn rate of animals by using Ana’s Delight potion which will give you the Glittery buff. Also try the Liquid Luck potion that will provide the Lucky buff. This will also, hopefully, increase the odds of getting this rare egg.

Apart from these, you can try things like getting artefacts that will give you more animal drops, using a shrine to get more items, or activating a scroll to raise the amount of chickens. Since you cannot really determine the drop of the rare egg, you can definitely make efforts to increase the amount of chickens you have.

That’s everything on how to get a Golden Egg in Forager. Be patient and keep working towards it and you will have this uncommon item. For more such tips and tricks, stay with Gamer Tweak guides!