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What Are Follow-Up Attacks in Honkai Star Rail?

Certain characters with special abilities have the capability to attack out of their own turn, let's learn more about these follow-up attacks in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail features many different characters with special kinds of abilities, one such ability is a Follow-up attack. Follow-up attacks can be a good way to get in some bonus damage and sometimes can even finish enemies off. This works especially well when the enemy is supposed to get their turn but either they die or their toughness breaks. Having at least one member in your party with a Follow-up attack can prove quite beneficial. Let’s learn more about them and which characters have them.

All Characters with Follow-Up Attacks in Honkai Star Rail

follow-up attacks honkai star rail

Follow-up attacks are attacks that deal automatic damage by triggering an attack after a certain condition is met. For example, March 7th does a follow-up attack when the party member that is shielded gets attacked. This can be a great way to add on some much-needed damage. You can further improve this by adding more ways to shield your party members so it triggers the Follow-up attack constantly. There are only a few characters as of now that have follow-up attacks.

Here is a full list of characters with follow-up attacks in Honkai: Star Rail as well as the conditions required for it:

  • Herta: If a party member reduces enemy HP to below 50%, Herta will use a follow-up attack
  • Kafka: When a party member uses a basic attack on an enemy, Kafka immediately launches a follow-up attack dealing lightning damage.
  • March 7th: March 7th will counter-attack if an attacked party member is shielded.
  • Himeko: If a party member or Himeko inflicts Weakness Break on an enemy, a follow-up attack occurs.
  • Jing Yuan: After his own move, he can use follow-up attacks however, it is not always guaranteed.
  • Clara: When an attacker inflicts damage on Clara or other party members, she launches a counter-attack.

That were all the characters that can do Follow-up attacks and how it works in Honkai: Star Rail. You can check out how to implement strategies for Follow-up attacks and other such moves by reading our Honkai Star Rail Combat System Guide.