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How to get Focused Umbral Engram in Destiny 2?

Exodus-Focused Umbral Engram are rare items in Destiny 2 that drops some legendary weapons. Check this guide know more.

Exodus-Focused Umbral Engram in Destiny 2 is a new Engram in the game. You will come across this Engram during the gameplay, and if you are curious to find out more about it then here are the details. Exodus-Focused Umbral Engram is a task for Basic Focus Triumph in current Destiny 2 Season. There are weapons drops by the Engram and to obtain this you will have to complete some task. It is not easy, but possible if go through the steps in this guide.

How to earn Exodus-Focused Umbral Engram?

Meet Zavala and unlock Exodus: Preparation quest. Complete all the objectives of the quest and then talk to following NPC’s to unlock new weekly bounties. The reward of completing each bounty will help you to earn Focused Umbral Engram in Destiny 2 Exodus.

  • Ana Bray
  • Sloane
  • Asher Mir
  • Brother Vance

You can earn up to 8 Focused Umbral Engram in a week. There is only this single way to earn a new type of Engram. So it will be a kind of grinding where first you have to finish up all the planet quest and then find the NPC’s and talk to them. This is how you can get Exodus-Focused Umbral Engrams in Destiny 2.

After getting enough Engrams the next thing is what to do with them. The Umbra Engrams can drop weapons, there are four weapons found to be part of this reward.

Exodus-Focused Umbral Engrams Weapon Drops:

Berenger’s Memory Destiny 2

Berenger’s Memory: A Grenade Launcher

IKELOS SG V1.0.2 Sniper Rifle

IKELOS SG V1.0.2: A Snipe Rifle


IKELOS SMG V1.0.2: A Sub-Machine Gun

First In Last Out Shotgun

First In, Last Out: A Shotgun

There is no way to get these engrams via Prismatic Recaster through focusing. But just in case if Bungie adds an update in the future allowing players to focus the Umbral Engram through recaster you have to do the following.

In Prismatic Recaster go to Umbral Focusing Tab and then you will see different symbols of engrams here. Similar to getting other engrams just select the one you want. The cost of this process is an Umbral Engram and Altered Elements.