Persona 5 Royal Flower Shop Guide: How To Make Bouquets

Looking for the correct flower combinations? Check out our guide on how to make bouquets at the Flower Shop in Persona 5 Royal.

There are several kinds of jobs that you can take on to increase your social stats and get money. Some of these jobs have minigames that you can complete. For example, the Triple Seven convenience store or the Beef bowl shop has players memorizing the orders on busy days. But speaking of the flower shop, you need to choose the right flower combinations to make bouquets for your customers. But which flowers to select? Check out our Persona 5 Royal Flower Shop guide for the correct flower combinations or answers to make bouquets.

How to Make Bouquets at the Flower Shop in Persona 5 Royal

As mentioned before, you need the correct flower combinations to make the required bouquet. These are mostly asked by the customers on busy days. The customer can ask you for a specific bouquet at the flower shop. And you need to choose the three correct flowers for that bouquet.

We have compiled a list of all the bouquets and their specific flower combinations that the customers ask for.

All Flower Shop Combinations or Solutions (Part-Time Job)

Here are all the answers or combinations to make the bouquet at the Flower Shop:

  • Birthday celebration for a friend’s child: Rainbow Sage, Gold Gerbera, and Delightful Lily.
  • Colored flowers that match the 60th birthday celebration: Scarlet Rose, Care-nation, Venerable Chrysanthemum, and Enamored Orchid.
  • Feelings of gratitude towards benefactor: The Sweetest of Peas, Rainbow Sage, and Gecko Orchid.
    I want to express my love: Enamored Orchid, Scarlet Rose, Stinking Olive, Care-nation, and Justice Jasmine.
  • Large flowers with little odor: Gold Gerbera, Fluorescent Freesia, and Venerable Chrysanthemum.
  • Large, brightly: colored flowers: Scarlet Rose, Gold Gerbera, and Care-nation.

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  • Reddish flowers: Care-nation, Scarlet Rose, and Gecko Orchid.
  • Small, calm-colored flowers: Justice Jasmine, Fluorescent Freesia, and Enamored Orchid.
  • Strongly scented and brightly colored flowers: Stinking Olive, Scarlet Rose, and the Sweetest of Peas.

All thanks to the Megami Tensei Wiki page for sharing the above flower combinations.

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