Florida Man Ordered To Pay $150,000 For Duping Take-Two In GTA Online

Cheating comes at a huge price

The age-old story of cheaters never prosper just got another example as Florida resident Jhonny Perez was found guilty by a district court in New York of copyright infringement and has been ordered to pay $150000.

Mr Perez developed a cheat program called Elusive which helped GTA Online players to bend the rules of the game and even generate an infinite amount of in-game currency.

Take-Two had contacted Mr Perez and ordered to stop the program to which he complied but ignored the following contact attempts which led to the publishers moving ahead with a lawsuit.

Perez did not appear to defend himself in the court and the decision was given in favour of the publishers by default. The program did severe harm to Take-Two’s in-game economy as well as the in-game environment.

Perez has been ordered by the court to give Take-Two a sum of $150,000 on top of about $70,000 in legal fees.

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