What Is Floor Fungus In Dwarf Fortress

Read this guide to know what is Floor Fungus in Dwarf Fortress.

The world of Dwarves is extremely dangerous. In Dwarf Fortress, you have to build a colony from the ground up and maintain it. Talk about their food, drinks, livestock, and much more. For new players, it may seem intimidating. But with proper guidance, this game can be one of the most interesting ones in your library. There is much to explore in this game. If you are in the underground caves, then you will come across vegetation called Floor Fungus. Owing to the number of fatal factors in this game, it is natural to be cautious of any new material. In this article, we will tell you what is the function of Floor Fungus in Dwarf Fortress.

Floor Fungus in Dwarf Fortress

Floor Fungus found in the Underground Caverns

This fungus in Dwarf Fortress will not cause the Dwarves any harm. On the contrary, it is a valuable material for livestock. It is similar to grass or cave moss and can be used for grazing. Livestock is a vital source of food in this game. So to feed them, you can use this fungus. It is yellowish and grows only in caverns. If you come across Floor Fungus in Dwarf Fortress, we recommend you build a Pasture. To do so:

  • Convert an area into a zone by pressing the I key.
  • Then, go to the Zone’s menu by pressing the Z key.
  • There, select the Pen/Pasture option and draw a box on the area.
  • Press accept to create it.
  • Click on the “+ Rabbit” icon to list down all your animals.
  • Select the ones you want to graze and leave the menu.

Once you have enough pasturing animals, make sure you get meat by butchering them. Apart from that, you will also get organs to craft new items. Be careful of monsters and lava while exploring the caves and you are good to go.

That’s everything on Floor Fungus in Dwarf Fortress, For more helpful guides like How to Feed Animals and How to Get More Seeds, visit GamerTweak soon.