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How To Feed Animals In Dwarf Fortress [Guide]

Here is a guide on how to feed Herbivore animals in Dwarf Fortress.

With Dwarf Fortress, Bay 12 has created one of the most realistic game worlds out there. For close to two decades now, it has kept long-time players hooked and keeps attracting new ones too. Reason being, there is an everlasting grind of finding new things to do in the game everyday. Things like feeding one’s animals is very crucial as they help your dwarves sustain in the game. But many players don’t know how to do it. Hence, we are going to show you how to feed animals in Dwarf Fortress.


How to Feed Herbivore Animals in Dwarf Fortress? [Explained]

Feeding animals in the game is easier said than done. Notice how we mentioned only herbivore animals and not carnivores. It is due to the fact that carnivore animals can automatically feed themselves with the help of the Eggs and Meats available in your Stockpile. The herbivores, however, need your involvement in sustaining themselves. You can feed herbivore animals in Dwarf Fortress by placing them on a pasture. Here are some quick steps to do this:

How to Feed Animals in Dwarf Fortress

  • Go to the Zone menu and look for the Pen/Pasture option
  • Place the Pasture in an unused zone
  • Choose the animals you want to place into the Pasture

After placing the pasture, make sure that your Stockpile has enough Grass and other items that a grazer would eat. Keep in mind that some herbivores would require a bigger pasture. Say for instance, an elephant, rhinoceros, or a water buffalo. If you keep too many large animals in a single pasture it can lead to starvation as there will be a shortage of grass. Try adjusting your pastures to suit the size and appetite of the respective herbivores.


That’s all you need to know about how to feed animals in Dwarf Fortress. If this guide managed to help you, do check out how to get more Seeds in Dwarf Fortress right here.